Vanessa Hudgens Files Lawsuit to Remove Nude Photos from Website

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Vanessa Hudgens might have a nice body, but the actress wants to keep it to herself. And Zac Efron, of course.

The actress is suing the owners of because the website has posted her most recent nude photos - described in the suit as "self-portrait photographs" - and has refused to take them down.

"The photos were obtained by unknown methods and posted on the internet by an unknown person without Hudgens' knowledge or consent," reads the lawsuit's documents.

Clothes On

Oddly, TMZ reports Hudgens has registered the naked pics with the U.S. Copyright Office. Her lawyers are seeking monetary compensation for damages from Butter Media, the company that owns the domain.

We're all for justice, Vanessa, but you do realize this lawsuit will draw attention to your naked pictures on that website, don't you? Perhaps that's your Christmas present to young male fans around the world.


the comment i did right now i forgot to add something.
They should have kicked u out of HSM
cuz that's what i would have done
u deserve no mercy or respect
now good day.!


seriously vanessa.?
get a life.!
your the one that wanted to take those new nude pictures in the first place.
u knew that they were gonna leak.
why on earth would u take nude pics huh.?
ur not gorgeous,ur not freakin special,ur not cute or anything.!
your soo conceited.!
and you shouldnt sue the people because it was your action.!
your the one that started all of this not them!
it was your fault for taking new pics nude.
your so shallow.!
and now you wanna sue the people for your mistakes.?
that's just dumb.
you already repeated the same thing from when you were in high school musical to right now
it was your fault for taking nude pics right now in the first place not theirs for putting it up.!
so leave them alone i know what they did was wayyy wrong
but it was your own fault for taking them in the first place.
just cuz u take naked pics & give them to zac wont change a single thing.
your still a stupid lil hoe
got it good.?


god damn it..


why do you think jack efron is still very much in love with vanessa despite all the photo scandal its because vanessa is the most amazing girl he had ever known. imagine almost 5 yrs? and they are both young?shes definitely not a slut. she does not cheat unlike almost every teens right now having sex one after another. whats wrong if she took pictures of herself. hello? maybe she took pictures because she jst want to knw if she looks good when shes nude and thats very normal. i bet vanessa is way more decent than all of those girls who keeps criticizing her.


guys vanessa hudgens are the best~


what the hell we're they doin up on the internet in the first place these good celebrities goin bad first miley now her !!!!!!!! its all the women britney, paris hilton, miley, ( etc.)


for starters i dislike venessa bery much no offence to hur fans these photos should be romoved BUT pll wont start talking about them shes done it end of story
the story of hur nude pcs is out there and there will be 1 person that will have the pic but noone will know


i think they need to be remove.she doing the right think.go girl take them to cleaner.


Who does she think she's kidding? She leaked those photos just before Bandslam came out. The movie still bombed.


Typical Men. Simply ASSuming from the worst point of view. Just because she filed a lawsuit around this time of year about the photos doesn't mean the attention is on purpose. She has held out long enough. She should have sued a long time ago. Some people just never consider the possibility that perhaps she had ordered the photos to be removed a while ago but the refusal was only recent? Or how she's sick of being the butt of the jokes and is finally taking legal action? Or even better, how about the possibility that because the 'noughties' are ending, she wants to start afresh? And people like the representatives of are preventing her from doing so? Either way, you of all people don't have the right to judge her.


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