Shane Sparks Arrested For Child Molestation

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So Shane Sparks thinks he can allegedly molest children and get away with it?

The Emmy-nominated So You Think You Can Dance choreographer was arrested and charged with eight counts of felony child molestation earlier today.

Shane Sparks was busted at approximately 8 a.m. at his N. Hollywood residence and taken to Van Nuys jail, where he is being held on $590,000 bail.

"Sparks has been the subject of an ongoing child-molestation investigation," LAPD spokesman Bruce Borihanh confirmed this afternoon to E! News.

Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, reports that a criminal complaint was filed by Sparks' alleged victim.

The victim's name is being withheld as she was a minor at the time.

Sounds like you are not the man, Shane Sparks.

"There's one victim. It occurred in the '90s. I believe it started in '94 and went on for several years," Robison said. "She was an underage girl. She was under 15 when the alleged crimes occurred. She is an adult now and came forward to authorities."

Sparks' rep was not available for comment.

Before So You Think You Can Dance, Shane was best known for choreographing the movie You Got Served. He is also a judge on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

He is the second choreographer affiliated with SYTYCD to be charged with sex crimes in recent months, following the arrest of Alex Da Silva for rape in August.

Maybe in a few months, they can work on some sweet orange-jumpsuit, jailhouse rock-themed routines with their fellow inmates. Sorry, that was a low blow.


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I believe that shane is innocent! he is hella bad like sexy he could have anyone he wanted i dnt believe he would do such a thing i dnt think its true! hes innocent until proven guilty!!! i still love you shane


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Shane is innocent!!!!


Until I hear both sides of the story ( as unedited as possible) I will not make a decision either way.


yea, i agree that this is all a set up. i´m alex dasilva´s sister and i know that my brother alex is just being set up. these women want to come fourth after some years have passed, that is all bs. if it were really rape nobody in their right minds would wait years to say something. really sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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