Rihanna and Adam Lambert Help Launch Vevo

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Vevo is a new, online music video provider created via a collaboration between Google and Universal Music Group.

You can read more about it elsewhere, as the service is only in the news today because its launch party brought out musical megastars last night.

Rihanna and Adam Lambert led the charge, as the pair poses below at Skylight Studio in New York City. Don't they look cute together? If Lambert liked breasts, we'd totally be encouraging this pair to hook up...

Rihanna and Adam Lambert

A countless number of A-listers attended the event, including Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Pete Wentz, Sheryl Crow and Mariah Carey. Lambert performed, meanwhile, creating nary a controversy along the way.

Click on the photos below for shots of the aforementioned celebrities, along with Adam in action...

Lambert for Vevo
No Controversy Here
Go Vevo!
Lambert, Out Loud
Female Icons
John and Rihanna

Love your style Adam!!! So fun and cute!!


Ugh at Adam lamber... Rihanna looks Hot! He should pair up with Gaga for real


BTW Gaga is a megastar only she's not a very good singer.


for_real_tho says:
"since when is Glambert a music megastar..."
1. Adam is a megastar since he alone made American Idol a show worth watching. Before this last season, AI was a mediocre boring tv show.
2. His vocal talent is unique. There is no better male singer today.
3. He has another megastar characteristic: he obviously attracts the media...big time!
4. A radio hit doesn't make you a megastar. There are lots of a-one-radio-hit singers.


Jane, look in the mirror but don't scare yourself because you are pretty ugly yourself!


he probably would make a cute couple with gaga. i dont like adam hes ugly


i dont think that there cute 2gether, they make me wanna throw upp. ughhhhhhhhhh


I really love Adam and his new CD. He is a star, and he is going to have a very long music career.


Adam is so hot but I think his soul mate is Gaga!! Adam's album is the second largest selling debut album of the year!! He just rocks!!


HA HA for_real_tho, yeah get for real. Over 250,000 units in two weeks on the debut album. LMAO. Sorry 'bout your life.

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