Presenting: The First Official Image from Eclipse!

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The reveal of the official Eclipse poster? Exciting.

The announcement by Adam Lambert that he'd be interested in recording a track for the Eclipse soundtrack? Very cool.

Sexy Rob Pattinson

But the release of the first image from the third film in the Twilight Saga? Swoon, shriek and hyperventillation worthy!

Summit Entertainment, the movie studio responsible for the franchise, has leaked the following photo from Eclipse. On one hand, it's simply a shot of Edward and Bella in a field of flowers.

On the other hand, IT'S A SHOT OF EDWARD AND BELLA IN A FIELD OF FLOWERS! Get excited, fans, and then get to ogling...

Among other newsworthy items related to the movie over the past couple months:

  • Kirsten Prout, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Jack Huston, Jodelle Ferland, and Xavier Samuel have all been cast in key roles.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard will controversially replace Rachel Lefevre as Victoria.

Fans are still buzzing over the second tidbit. Now, they can at least shift their focus back to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's characters.

On a scale of 1 to this nut job, how excited are you for Eclipse?


OMG OMG OMG OMG i am so so so so so so excited to seee this movie!!!!!! xD i cant even contain myself when i hear the word ECLPISE the date june 30 or anything about the twilight saga i go crazy lol!!=]


Im very excited to see this one ! I fell in love with both Twilight, and Twilight Saga: New Moon. Im a both teams fan. lol. (( Robert && Tayler )) I wont say as many girls do that I love them becouse Im not tha type to lie, but I am in love wih there charactors and there true selfs. They are both EXTREAMLY sexy, and they each have a unique personality. Props to tha actors for keepng my attention, it's very hard and was easy for me to fall in love and watch tha movies a billion times. c(: Muaahhz !!


i am forever a vampire girl i hate that bella gets edward but i think this picture is so cute... TEAM EDWARD!!! oh and team rob =] he's hawt!!!


i am a mature fan but omg I love the twilight series am completely addicted. Robert is hot and I love his voice/ singing. Eclipse can't get out fast enough.


i am very excited but i hope adam lambert doesnt do a song on it no offense but im not a fan of adam lamert........ i love taylor lautner though and if hes doesnt end up with anyone in the end than ill take ya :>zoee


i cant wait because she asked him to make love with her like 5 times omg hot but he says you have to marry me first amd he gets down on his nee and she says YES!omg hope thay show that and then cant wait for breaking dawn because thay make love like 10 time in that f in book soooooooooooo hot and she get pregnant ooooomg sorry if im telling the story but is is so good and sexy kristen is going to have to step her game up for the transformation that bella goes through JUST CANT WAIT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD


i dont think im going to enjoy the twilight saga as much because it just makes the movie feel unreal and you cant feel the love between edward and bella because everyone knows about their real life relationship which destroys the whole movie. its all fake ating between edward and bella, but knowing in my mind that rob and kristen are over just doesnt have the same anticipation to the movie or the build up of their relationship on screen just isnt the same without being with each other in real life. the chemistry is gone.


Well, the movie's OKAY. Just okay.
But, I really do love the book.
The whole SAGA!
And, those bad-ass freaks who only likes the saga for RobPatz 'HAWTNESS', Back-off would you?! PS.
I think Kristen Stewart's a whore.
Fck you!


can't wait till Eclipes comes out becuase Braking Dawn will come out soon after dat and i wonder if they will make a movie of edwards point of veiw in twilight that will make it so more intresing becuase it will be about y edward wasnt at school and all that it will be so kwel if the show it they should shoudnt they


omg thats gotta be the scene when he gives in and is basicly like "Do me rite here, rite now, b*atch" but of course he says it in a much nicer, more edward cullen way. :) EXCITING!

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