Michael Jackson Investigators Taking Cues From Anna Nicole Smith Case?

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We've talked about the O.J. factor and how it's making investigators in the Michael Jackson case act with such extreme patience and caution at every turn.

Basically, there's no rush, and they don't want to let another winnable, high-profile case go by the wayside because they got sloppy like with the Juice.

But there's another reason the case is dragging on for months - Anna Nicole Smith. Her ex-beau Howard K. Stern will likely go to trial on multiple drug-related felony charges stemming from the model's addiction woes and death.

Because the case is similarly compliex, prosecutors are probably watching that case to determine the specific charges Dr. Conrad Murray should face.

Murray, who has been blamed by the Jackson family for MJ's death, has maintained his innocence throughout the process and has returned to work.

Dr. Conrad Murray Picture

How Dr. Conrad Murray is charged may hinge on the Anna Nicole Smith case.

While some Jacksons have called him a murderer, it's clear there was no premeditated killing of Michael, and how to prosecute him is a murky task.

"It's not like prosecutors think there's a propofol murderer out there," says Robin Sax, former Los Angeles prosecutor, saying he's not a flight risk.

Yet another factor slowing things down: the feds.

"At the very least," retired Drug Enforcement Administration supervisory special agent Gregory D. Lee says, "Murray runs the risk of losing his license."

That seems like a given, but like the LAPD, the DEA is still determining what, if any, more serious federal drug charges will be filed against the doc.


Michael's murder was INTENTIONAL and comparing it to Anna Nicole is a FRAUD since the cases are NOT SIMILAR. Anna Nicole did not die from a PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR in her home killing her. In no other case of a celebrity death do you have a doctor present when your patient dies. NONE!! You call a doctor to save you not kill you and it's obvious form Dr. Conrad's inbility to ACT like a doctor when he claimed he knew MJ was dying proves my point. Why wouldn't a CARDIOLOGIST know how to give CPR in the proper way?


It's kinda a wierd..different stories over the case were coming out..well not all people could be trapped on those thoughts,THE WAY YOU THINK!Fans are so devastated,seemed to be crazy..but we're not about that...all we need is the JUSTICE coz EVERYONE KNOWS that MJ&NICOLE are DESERVing to HAVE IT![YOU'RE FOREVER CHERISHED MICHAEL JACKSON!=)]


im not a cop or professional investigator but the doc seems to be hiding something. From what has been reported the doc found muchael not breathing but with a pulse. He then started giving michael CPR, which is kind of stupid as CPR is needed when there is no pulse. When someone isnt breathing u just need to give them breaths at regular intervals (i learned this at high school) and call the ambulance., something this doc didnt do for half an hour as he claims he didnt no the address. like he couldnt call the security guards and tell them to make the call right away i have read that CPR is intended only for someone whose heart and breathing has stoppe. Since michael did have a pulse, the CPR wasnt neccessary and the doc made a mistake aka he did something wrong, even though he dienies he did anything wrong i just hope they get to the bottom of this so justice is served and it cant happen to anyone else


The whole world is watching how the US police dept handle Michael's case. There are millions of fan and non-fans to judge how the US police, medical and legal and media work. It's a shame! We are watching from the east and judge what an advanced world US is! I love Michael, Michael's name and jutice should be reclaimed. RIP, Michael forever.


I am not sure that it wasn't planned. Seems mighty strange to me that anyone would take such risks giving someone so many drugs and in such a lethal combination. Also, the propofol factor really eludes, me. What was up with that? A lot of intentional violations were done with that one, which makes it look too intentional to me. The whole thing just doesn't add up to being unintentional.


It's tragic really...no one cared enough about these people to say no to their absurd demands. It speaks volumes about these sycophants--all of whom seemed to care more about their 5 minutes and about making a quick buck than about Anna or Michael's health and well-being--AND about the culture of celebrity in this country that this keeps happening!


I hope that the authorities get both cases right and the responsible parties are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Unethical physicians and those who enable the sorts of prescription drug abuse that was present in the cases of Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson are deplorable. Conrad Murray and Howard K. Stern are both shameless individuals who were little more than leeches. Murray off of Jackson's fortune and Stern off of Anna's "possible" fortune(although her absurd lawsuit actually stood no chance of every paying off and she did little more than harass the Marshall family in court for 15 years). It is comforting to know that even if they don't get significant imprisonment, they've got to be ruined in terms of their occupations so at the very least their life will be considerably more difficult in the aftermath.


It's not so clear to me that it wasn't a premeditated killing.


Well, at least some good can come out of this whole debacle- when all the smoke clears, it will become obvious that society's willingness to allow entourages to enable celeb drug habits is over. Maybe next, we can attack celeb lawyers/publicits (after all, they are becoming one and the same) who think that lawsuits are a great way get their client's name in the media/pick up some extra cash. Sorry, HKS, this could mean another trip to court.

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