Beyonce, Lady Gaga Team Up on "Video Phone"

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When you cross a performer who goes by the alter ego Sasha Fierce with a rumored hermaphrodite who once simulated her own murder on stage ... you get this.

In a full-frontal assault on the senses, Lady GaGa and Beyonce's video collaboration on the latter's song "Video Phone" has been released, and it's totally freaky.

And potentially hazardous to your eyes and brain if you stare at it too closely.

Celebrated video director Hype Williams directed this masterpiece. Peep Lady GaGa and Beyonce in "Video Phone" and tell us what you think by voting below ...

What do you think of Beyonce's "Video Phone"?


Talk about a piece of work ... especially the firearms action. Follow the jump for a funny, behind-the-scenes spoof from the two powerhouse performers ...

[video url="" title="Video Phone Spoof"] [/video]

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Yall have been hoodwinked about Mz.Knowles.and Lady GaGa. If you all tune into you tube (homo-geniz 1-13 Beyonce Exposed) it will explain "Video Phone".and other things wit Beyonce


OMG Im in love with the video I think it is so awesome. I have to admit that lady gaga's a bit of a wierdo and B went way to far with the blackish, grey, white lipstick stuff but this video is so cool and I love the song... Also if you like the teaming of B and Lady Gaga check out 'telephone' on Lady gaga's 'Fame Monster'album I love that song as well.


I'm with Samm.. I'm not really sure what to think about it. The first time i saw it I had to click off it cause it was kinda annoying, but hearing it again it's kinda catchy. I just dont know.. lol


i cant say it was bad becasue i didn't stop watching it buttt i don't really know if it was good eaither was very unique and it pulls people in. But on a serious note why is Beyonce always wearing unitards!?!?! in all her videos and even perfomances! i know shes hott but i mean where are the pants or a dress even?


Gaga looks like a spazoid....she cannot dance & this is the!!