Lady Gaga: A Piece of (Art) Work

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Say what you will about her, Lady Gaga is an artiste.

She never does a half-ass job of anything. There are no mailed-in live performances, Gossip Girl guest performances, or even day-to-day public appearances.

Be it in the world of fashion, music or performing live, the rumored hermaphrodite gives 100 percent, 24/7/365. Case in point, her latest ensemble below.

Looking like an art exhibit and/or an arty exhibitionist, Lady Gaga recently performed at the 30th Anniversary Gala of L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art.

She's clearly doing her best impression of a piece of contemporary art, which you have to commend her for. Who would even think of or attempt this?

Does it work, though? Vote in our poll below ...

What do you think of Lady Gaga's latest fashion?


Sigh, I am happy to see Marcus eating his words how.


kk if she is a man or nt iz her bussines n wt its importan is her talent n she has more talent thn sum fakes ass artist so dnt hate... instead of talkn shit abt her of her sexuality... thnk of her as the new lady thts bringing sumthng new ....


Get off your stereotypes and get a clue about what art is.


@rolf.We get her alright.A skanky,ugly,auto-tuned wannabe who moans and groans her way through every same sounding song.After a year or so,she/he is the most hated performer on the planet.Perez gives she/he unlimited publicity and all it can sell is 4 million copies of your album.What a joke.Cya.


Ahead of her time? If she/ he is the future than please keep me in the present. She/ he is just flamboyant (like a gay man). She/ he is not a hermaphidite, I am convinced that it's a gay man dressed up. Look at his chin, women don't have pretruding chins like that.


She is way ahead of her time, many people just do not get her.

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