Woman Calls 911 to Report Own Drunk Driving

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You think you've seen it all.

A Wisconsin woman called 911 this week to report a drunk driver ... who happened to be herself. Guess she was feeling a little guilty or having an out-of-body-experience? Whatever the reason, she ratted herself out, to everyone's amazement.

The conversation with the 911 dispatcher went as such:

Woman: "Somebody's really drunk driving down Cranton Road."
Dispatcher: "Are you behind them?"
Woman: "No, I am them."
Dispatcher: "You am them?"
Woman: "Yes, I am them."
Dispatcher: "So, you want to call and report that you are driving drunk?"
Woman: "Yeah."

Classic. Check out the news segment below on this:


Haha, I'm loving it - only in the US...


"i am them" LMAO!! what a lady!


well at least she knows its wrong haha!


What a great smamritan!! lol


first, she's a dumbass for driving drunk to begin with but who the hell rats themselves out? If she felt so guilty she should of just pulled over and called a cab. Dumbass