Search Warrant Sought in Tiger Woods Case; Elin Nordegren May Face Domestic Violence Charge

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The Florida Highway Patrol is trying to secure a search warrant for medical records of Tiger Woods to determine if the wounds the golf great sustained early Friday morning are consistent with a car accident or domestic violence.

Authorities believe they can show probable cause a crime was committed, a necessary step in obtaining a warrant to search the hospital that treated him.

That probable cause is fueled by contradictory stories from Elin Nordegren Woods, Tiger's wife, who told the FHP she went looking for Tiger in a golf cart.

She said when she found him, she broke his window with a club to rescue him.

But right after the accident, she told Windemere, Fla., police nothing about a cart. None of the pics of the Tiger Woods car accident show a cart nearby.

Moreover, the idea that she had to smash windows in to free Tiger, who crashed his car at such a speed that his airbags didn't even go off, is dubious.

The police are also trying to sort out whether Tiger was in fact taking prescription medication for pain at the time, which could be evidence of DUI.

Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, but it doesn't have to be.

The Highway Patrol is pursuing the warrant after getting shut down three times in an attempt to interview Tiger and Elin and view Tiger's wounds.

According to sources, Tiger told a friend his wife attacked him over allegations of cheating (his alleged mistress is serial adulterer Rachel Uchitel).

Tiger supposedly said Elin chased him out of the house, striking his car with a golf club, distracting him and causing him to careen into a tree (below).

Woods released a statement last night in which he claimed full, sole responsibility for the crash, but did not elaborate on the events leading up to it.

Meanwhile, he has stymied investigators' attempts to interview him. If the FHP thinks Elin attacked Tiger, she may be arrested for domestic violence.

Tiger Car Crash

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I may be mistaken, that that sure looks like a golf cart in the foreground of that accident photo....???


Looks like Tiger was putting his putter in the wrong bag. Seriously, now folks, there is no way possible he could have sustained those injuries from a low speed crash. Elin teed off on him. Period. And he deserved it. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people want to bow down to him and kiss his a**. Anyone with any sense of character at all can readily see he is an arrogant jacka** with a temper.


Well, in this picture above looks like a damn golf-cart to me!! Although I do belive she probrably was fighting him,he telling people it's his fault(it is if he was cheating with that hoe-bag)he don't want her to get in trouble with the PO-POS.I mean honestly Tiger how are you going to explain crasing in the next yard??


you idiot there is a golf cart in the photo under your story....fricking idiot !!!


Too much money and free time here.


Did Elin yell "fore" before smacking Tiger? If not, a two-stroke penalty must be assessed.


That's not Tiger's "MO". He is above all.


whatever happened, not talking to the police makes it seem worse than it probably even is ... just explain and move on Tiger!

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