Sharon Osbourne Thinks God Hit Susan Boyle with an Ugly Stick

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Someone needs to hand Sharon Osbourne a mirror.

The talentless America's Got Talent judge appeared on Sirius XM's The Opie & Anthony Show today and blasted Susan Boyle. Said Sharon:

"[God] gave her the talent. But he hit her with a f*cking ugly stick.... I like everybody to do well. Even somebody that looks like a slapped arse... God bless her. It's like, 'You go girl'. She does look like a hairy a**hole."

Note to Osbourne: you're not exactly Megan Fox! Watch the video below:

Based on these taunts, we've gotta ask: Who would you rather... you know?


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Sharon is not right, she regularly inserted a vodka bottle into her ladies reproduction shoot. What kind of woman does this? She is a low life trailer trash lesbian. She regularly tries to masturbate outside, she is disgusting. Her children are fat, hairy and like inbread mongolian tramps. Sharon should just retire to hell.


Pa! Sharon is a fat lesbian daughter tit licking woman.
Her daughters face is like a massive cardboard box. It is like a square. And her husband, who can understand his speaking? He is totally disgusting as is their fat son Jackie who is also a lesbian.


The same Sharon Osbourne who launched a foul mouth tirade against Republican Sarah Palin. The Osbourne's are the most dysfunctional family on this planet. They will never grasp the fundamentals of the 12 steps in this life time. Simon Cowell is welcome to her, Looking forward to her X Factor and America's got talent appearances.


Sharon, I hope you read this. You are an ugly old has been who hasnt done anything worthwhile. Your children have also been beaten with the ugly stick, and are charmless no talent wasters. When I see you on T.V. with your ridiculous trout pout, I call the other members of my family in so we can have a good laugh. Susan Boyle has the most beautiful voice, and has no inclincation I'm sure to look like you. You are not in the same class as her, in spite of all your money. Ugly stick ?? You've been beaten hard lady.


the osbournes are a very cynical family Sharon was a dog before having her face fixed up and has no rights cutting up Susan Boyle,and Kelly was cutting up Lady GaGa not that long ago.and look at her a fat meat head and her head is to big for her body,Wow the nerve to cut up others.


Osbourne is a total idiot.


That's funny! Look up old pics of Sharon. She had nuthin on Susan before she spent big money getting made over.


When some boy called Kelly ugly in print a few years ago, Sharon was all over the place. She was so upset so she knows how it feels. Why would any decent mother say something like this after experiencing it with her own child? What a classless, horrible woman she is.


I think it was very wrong of Sharon to say something hurtful about Susan.
I think she should publicly apologize.
What was the point of trying to embarass Susan?


Sharon must have forgot she beat her own fat little pig daughter with an ugly stick. Sharon was beat with one also, but used her rich druggie husband's money to fix her face and suck the fat out. What an ugly family of pigs the Osbournes are. I hope ugly Kelly Osbourne is voted off of DWTS!