Levi Johnston Playgirl Pictures: Nude & Released!

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Dying to see Levi Johnston in Playgirl, hockey stick and all?


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    I think Levi is gorgeous I wanna meet him he might not be gay but at least he doesnt bash them like the palin bitch. Keep doin what ur doin levi baby.and hope you get to be mayor of wasilla


    fuck you levi you are a fucking tramp... sucka it slow........




    I love these pics of u I want to meet u in person not i think ur gay and a lesbian and ur body is not sexy @ all


    What a major jackass. There are so many better looking (definately smarter) men in any state you go to. I would much rather see Todd Palin nude any day..


    I heard about him before but didn't see the cover until today after they wrote that he has to pay for child support. Poor guy. Oh well, his parents gave him that body so he can do whatever he wants to his body. Many people do worse things to their bodies than what he does to his, so why does anyone care? It's true that it's not anyone's business.


    Hey Levi wanna show me the rest!!!!!


    "Nude" phots?? That's not nude. Nude for males is showing meat & 2 veg. Hah. That'll be the day (for Playgirl). We are always short-changed.


    Good for you, Levi. You've got a great body and you're not afraid to share it. Thanks for that. As for everybody else, give the guy a break. It wasn't his choice to be dragged into the national spotlight in a shameless dog-and-pony show. And now that he gets to enjoy a few of the rewards for that involuntary thrust into the limelight, everybody jumps all over him for taking advantage of the opportunity. As for his fitness for Playgirl, I challenge any of his critics to bare their better bods for the sake of comparison. He looks damn good -- and he's going to be very glad that those pictures exist someday. And Tripp, you've got a great dad, kid. Be proud of him. He's more of a father than most of his critics will ever give him credit for -- that is, if they have the balls to admit it isn't any of their business to begin with.


    Please ! Levi is a perfectly handsome young man. He appears genuine in his actions needed to share custody of his son. Who are we to question Levi's actions ? Just let Levi be Levi. Honestly ... I don't think he is bothering anyone.

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