Nicolas Cage: Even More Broke Than Assumed!

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Nicolas Cage may have fallen on hard financial times, sure, but even the celebrity gossip media may have underestimated how bad his money problems are.

The guy taking the blame for leaving Nicolas Cage broke claims by the time he was hired in 2001, "Coppola [Cage] had already squandered tens of millions."

Moreover, he owed millions in taxes "with no funds available to pay them."

In his countersuit, Samuel Levin, CPA, says when he was hired he warned Nic Cage he needed to earn $30 million a year just to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

In 2007 alone, Cage bought three homes totaling $33 million-plus, 22 cars (including 9 Rolls Royces), 12 pieces of expensive jewelry and 47 pieces of art.

Nic Cage Photo

Nicolas Cage is so broke these days, he can't even afford a razor to shave off that goatee! Just kidding. He is probably sporting that thing by choice.

Even worse, Levin maintains that Cage spent his free time "shopping for high-ticket purchases," including 15 homes, a Gulfstream jet, and a flotilla of yachts.

And there's this: Cage "also spent huge sums taking his sizable entourage on costly vacations and threw enormous, Gatsby-scale parties at his residences."

And this: "The pinnacle of [Cage's] spending spree came with his Quixotic acquisitions of Midford Castle in England and Schloss Neidstein Castle in Bavaria."

Levin warned Cage that the decrepit astles needed a king's ransom just to make them habitable. Cage owes him $128,872.98 in unpaid business services.


Broke,vampire,single,divorced ,who cares !! just because he's famous doesn't mean he has to live up to a higher standard.besides ,it's usually the person who lives in a glass house that cast the first u Nicolas !!!!!!


he is broke i cant belive it


BROKE?! are you guys stupid, he has assets worth billions of dollars.... jesus christ people.

@ Broke?!?!

Um, no he is broke. He owes the IRS millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. This is why he is doing a bunch of really bad movies. He is taking any job he can get to pay his debt. So before you go calling people idiots, maybe you should do your research.


Give him a break, Nicolas Cage is a good guy. He made some bad choices, but who hasn't???


cage aint' broke you idiots. he can live amazingly well and see & do more of the world than 20 of you can in 5 generations. you've got no idea of the wealth of these people. if the sell stuff they can easily balance the books, quite easily.. that's what banks are for.


He likes to do voices. In "Kickass" he does a second-rate Batman (ala the '60s TV show with Adam West). Aparently nobody on the set knew he was going to do that, and it took everybody by surprise. People thought he had gone mental until the director clued in.


What goes around, comes around. When he appeared in Peggy Sue Got Married, one of his breakout roles, he modeled the voice of his character on cartoon character Gumby, going against the wishes of the director (his uncle) and writers (my brother), costing millions of dollars from the movie's profit. He was a jerk back then, and still is, apparently.

@ Kenny

Get over it !!!