New Moon Meets Vitamin Water

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Even vampires get thirsty.

And, as we know, those such as Edward Cullen try their hardest to avoid quenching said thirst with human blood. So, where does Robert Pattinson turn when he needs a drink?

To Vitamin Water, of course!

Packed with electolytes and low in calories, this drink is ideal for vampires that must save their human soulmates from meeting a violent end. See what we mean in a new commercial for the sports drink, which features clips from New Moon...


Can someone please help me!? I'm thinking of going to soak up the atmosphere but I don't know time to be there by to see gthe cast and more importantly Robert!! I know that the doors open at 4:30 but is that the time that the cast goes in or the lucky winners?? Information needed urgently!!!


I've never seen these movies so I can't knock them, I have heard they are great. But, there IS something to be said about over exposure and this way over exposed.


waheyy good old uk for once :)


omg i love it ;)


Ha, Ha, Ha anyone and everything is trying to make money off of this franchise. It's ridiculous


omg... please tell me this is a joke. O_o - that's just..... ... .. dumb. And hilarious.