Lady Gaga Unmasked: No Makeup, Hat or Costume!

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As famous for her bombastic sense of style as for her hit pop songs, Lady Gaga rarely, if ever, makes an appearance without sunglasses, makeup, a hat or mask.

Being a rumored hermaphrodite may play some role in that.

But last night, fans finally got a glimpse of Lady Gaga's face au naturale - that is, sans sunglasses, elaborate masks, oversized hats and with no sign of makeup.

Well, a little makeup. For her. Relatively speaking, anyway.

Follow the jump to see the rarest of Lady Gaga pictures - one that reveals what the 23-year-old woman also known as Stefani Germanotta actually looks like ...

Lady Gaga: No Makeup

OMFG! Lady Gaga unmasked! Are you impressed? Disappointed?

The occasion for this shocking reveal from the singer, as reported in the UK's Daily Mail: a recent appearance on the German talk show Wetten Dass...?

There, she came on stage wearing a predictably head-turning outfit: over-the-knee boots and sculptural trousers that winged out at a 90-degree angle.

Yet the studio and TV audience saw something Gaga fans rarely do: an unconcealed face adorned only with smoky eyes and little conventional makeup.

What do you think? Should Lady G stick to the bizarre, off-the-wall fashion that makes her famous, or show off her natural looks more often than not?


she is not unmasked. she is wearing a wig and wearing huge sunglasses that cover her whole face!


Her hair is a little crazy, but then again this is lady gaga we are talkin about so ya i think she is very beautiful either way


lady gaga is not ugly


I think she looks beter with Make up on


she is fucking hot either way.
i have loved her since her first single just dance. and i have loved her through everything! she looked amazing in the meat dress, she looks hot in born this way with her little cheek bones and everything. she has lifted my confidence since i saw her in Madison sq garden 2011. she is my mother monster. she is the best thing that happened to pop culture :) love you gaga!


Well...I'm nearing 60 and just became a Lady Gaga fan after viewing her performance on the May 2011 American Idol season final show. Wow! What a voice, and what a performer.


I am 53 years old and I think Lady Gaga is beautiful. Although a lot of people compare her to Madonna...Gaga has a lot more talent than Madonna. Her voice is amazing!!!!


i'm "little monster"and i love lady gaga


Ummm....I don't really care what she looks like. >_


here she is with just conventional make up on..she does look goodx

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