Kate Major Subpoenaed in Jon Gosselin Case

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Former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major, who was hilariously insistent that she dated Jon Gosselin earlier this year, and also hilariously quit her job to avoid a conflict of interest (as if Star has any ethics), is back in the news once more.

She's the latest person to get served with a subpoena in TLC's pending case against the famous reality dad, who the network is accusing of breach of contract.

Jon's loser BFF Michael Lohan and his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman have also been subpoenaed by the court, which granted requests to do so by TLC lawyers.

They will all give depositions scheduled for December 10.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major

Jon with Kate Major, a.k.a. Kate 2.0, during their "relationship."

Kate Major hooked up with Jon over the summer when she met him for an interview, following the d-bag's scandalous separation from banshee wife Kate.

Jon denied having a relationship with her, then said he did, then accused her of using him ... dude is a huge liar, basically. We'll see what he says in court.

In short, the network is going balls-out against Jon, who halted production on Jon and Kate Plus 8 this fall when he pretended to care about his eight kids.

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Tick, tick, tick, tick, listen to the clock tick away to December 14th until they nail his butt to the wall.