Joe Jackson Accused of Making Death Threats

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Michael Jackson's insane father, Joe Jackson, has been accused of a lot. But never before until now "running a campaign of terror against a former associate."

This alleged associate is trying to prove Michael had an illegitimate son. Aren't they all. He filed a request for a restraining order filed last week against Joe.

Michael's brother Randy Jackson is also named in the court papges.

Ronnie Newt says he was threatened by Joe after approaching him with info he believed proved Michael is the father of Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, 12.

Newt said that Joe denied Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson was Michael's offspring, despite the strangely coincidental name. What are the odds of that?!

Interestingly, Joe has seemed to confirm Omer Bhatti is MJ's son.

Joe Jackson, now 80, with the late King of Pop back in 2005.

According to the court documents, Newt claims "I was told to stay away from the M.J. love child story. That some one could get kill [sic] for that kind of money."

Newt also warned that if he turns up dead in the near future, authorities should suspect foul play. He's demanding the Jacksons stay 50 yards away from him.

Joe, for the record, told TMZ that the death threat allegations against Newt are completely bogus and added, "I haven't even seen this guy since the '80s."


If the court is smart they'll put a restraining order on Ronnie Newt -- to stay 50 miles away from any Jackson family member -- Ronnie Newt sounds like a media stalker trying to create a media story about his attempt to violate HIPAA. It's a felony in California. They arrested Farrah Fawcett's media stalker. Ronnie Newt openly admits he was trying to obtain private medical information in spite of federal law. He's a stalker. Arrest him.


PEOPLE LEAVE THE JACKSON'S alone... Have they not already been trough enough? Michael loved Joe go watch the movie, he says. it! Gfive those people a break


Why do you people keep writing such nonsense.. Do you really think that is true honestly? Do you think Joe threatend someone? Comeon... He is under the public eye, he is not going to do something so not so smart. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE! Cant you be like t.m.z. and say things that are truth instead of hurting people like that? Have you knpw shame.. Agian here people Joe Jackson is a person with feelings!


I believe there is a possibility that Omer is MJ's son. Not only do they favor, but the Jackson family has clearly accepted him as one of their own, allowing him to sit in the front row at the memorial service, and he is currenly living with Catherine and the kids. This other guy, Michael Malachi...I don't believe this one. There are loads of "family pics" with Omer in them. I doubt the Jackson family would accept one "love child" and not another. Seems fishy. Money talks and people lie.


I think it's time he learns to use the words 'no comment'. If Omer is MJ's son I want to see his birth certificate. No-one else in the family is saying anything.


Joe has said some stupid things in the past, so you never know but I also don't care.


i actully hate hime he says all teh stuff about his son, and none of the family do anything back... hmmm nice


i cant believe how there is still so much gossip