Cornell Business School Email Scandal: Employees Having Affair Accidentally BCC Entire School

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Who among us hasn't had a regrettable email incident? Sending your lawyer something meant for your friend because their names are similar, or replying to all when you meant to reply to one person bashing someone else on the email, for example.


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    Rock on, that guy's my idol. I hope i'm that smooth when i'm 55


    if i had eaten today i would have lost it... and if i wasnt alrady sick i be sick as hell!!... WTF! OLD PEOPLE!! do your affairs the old fashion way... in a crappy hotel or a swingers club... leave cybering to the young masses who actually know how to properly do it with out getting caught...


    Too funny. I got put on probation once for making n email mistake to the masses.




    I'm not even sure this woman is capable of getting wet anymore, nor do I believe this man is capable of getting hard without medical help of some kind.

    From: Lisa
    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 10:01 AM
    To: John
    Subject: RE:

    Uh, a bright blue thong. if you want more specifics you;ll have to just see it for could be your lunch ;-)

    From: John
    Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 10:05 AM
    To: Lisa
    Subject: RE:

    Wow! I just LOVE that idea! And it would require no extra seasoning, seeing as how it would have your savory juices all over it!!! :)

    Speaking of lunch, I just lost mine. Thanks.


    unfunny old idiots! seriously..thes eold bastards need to be in hell!


    i call bullshit


    "I can practically FEEL your torturous little fingernails flitting across my stomach, and they’re making me ACHE with the desire for RELEASE!!!"



    dood i just threw up in my mouth! This is like gross old people porno chat hahah!

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