Random Couple Alert: Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox!

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Rick Fox totally has Faith. Get it? No?

Lame Buffy references aside, Eliza Dushku (formerly Buffy's Faith) confirms that she is indeed dating Vanessa Williams' ex, former L.A. Lakers star Rick Fox.

Hot Eliza Dushku

"We're trying to balance really getting to know each other with all our demands workwise," the star of Fox's new hit series Dollhouse recently told TV Guide.

A source on the Dollhouse set says: "[Rick] has been very nice. There's definitely an age difference and they aren't the first two people I would put together. But he has been to the set and he seems to get along great with everyone."

At least Rick's in much better shape than her previous pro athlete boyfriend, Brad Penny. That guy lost the life on his fastball somewhere at the buffet line.

Aren't Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku cute together?

Despite scoring a modest 9.6 points per game in his NBA career, Rick Fox has scored with both Vanessa Williams and Eliza Dushku nude. Not a bad track record.


Good for them, they're cute together


Do Rick Fox ever date black women?


they look nice together
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eww she could do so much better!!! love her!!!


Old news. They've been dating for months.


He looks old enough to be her father. Yuk.


his tie doesn't match at all


her dress looks nice


they look like they could make a cute couple


he needs to shave...

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