Rachel Campos-Duffy: Pro-Choice Obama Not Worthy of Nobel

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Everyone's a critic.

When Whoopi Goldberg brought up Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win on Monday's The View, guest-host Rachel Campos-Duffy, a former reality TV star and current blogger for Anderson Cooper's AC 360 on CNN, said she was shocked.

She's far from alone there, but her rationale was interesting.

"I think personally, for me, that it's Obama's radical abortion position that makes him the least qualified for the prize," Rachel Campos Duffy said.

Joy Behar chimed in with a different take: "We were starting wars. Now we're not."

"I don't know what's going to happen in Afghanistan. It is a little ironic that he is involved in two wars and would be considered the peace person."

"But he didn't start them, and he is trying to end the conflict, and he is trying to bring diplomacy around the world and start a new conversation."

Campos Duffy asks, in similar fashion to some recent late night bashing of Barack, "So basically, he just gets a prize for not being George Bush?"

Behar laughed. "That's true. He does get a prize for not being George Bush."

Yeah, yeah. We've heard it all before. Bring back Heidi Montag, The View!

Does Obama deserve the Nobel Prize?


First of all Rachel is not from the Nobel committee neither do I, so our opinion mean zero for the Nobel. I think Marconi Nobel was a mistake, search for Tesla or Popov for that issue and i dont see Rachel against Marconi..lol.
About Pro Choice, i think God like that choice thing, dont he? Live is so precious no law of men should control over it, or something is wrong about no judge other people, and who is with out sin, talks was hot air for some christians? If God will is against abortion why he keep getting those women getting pregnant and pregnant and we see some God loving couples need to pay for fertility clinics because they got problems....curious? Maybe a hidden message there....or no proof about anything....


It was a little early to give Obama the nobel peace prize


This young woman is capable of showing that the right is not radical; the right is able to see the destructive impact of an increasingly bankrupt morality in our beloved country and we are trying desparately to regain our footing here. You cannot have morality without God. That is just another self-loving view and one that imitates love only; is does not produce it. Isn't that obvious?


the view is getting so much more crappier


thats lovely Kaitlyn44!!! do u know him personally do you? why would you accusse someone being a liar if you didnt really know them? I do believe it was to early, but so far hes doing a great job


I like this Rachel lady, Obama DOES NOT deserve anything. He is a liar and he sucks pretty much.


He deserves some sort of recognition but I think its a little early for a nobel prize!


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