Balloon Boy Hoax? Falcon Heene Busts Parents

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Call us crazy, but before reporting our six-year-old was missing (or had up and floated away in a balloon), we might first look around our damn house.

That seems like a logical way to make sure the little guy were really on the thing before reporting it and sparking an insane, expensive media frenzy.

Immediately after Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, turned up in the attic rather than inside a homemade balloon, rumors of a hoax began circulating.

Possibly for good reason!

Last night, Falc and family were on CNN, where he was asked why he didn't come out of hiding as parents searched for him (as they claim they were).

"You guys said that we did this for the show," he said.

His dad responded by saying "Man," his mom adding "No."

The Heene family: Richard, Mayumi, Ryan, Falcon and Bradford. Falcon Heene would be Balloon Boy. They were once on Wife Swap. Was the saga of Balloon Boy a hoax?

Wolf Blitzer either didn't hear what Balloon Boy said, didn't put it together or just didn't want to go there. Either way, he moved on to the next question.

The family appeared on the ABC show Wife Swap in March.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Dept. who told us they are aware of Falcon Heene's comments on "Larry King Live" tonight - and are "investigating the situation."

Cops also say they've been inundated with calls from tipsters who want to give them a heads up on the 6-year-old's "We did this for the show" quote on CNN.

Here's the video of Balloon Boy busting his parents ...


Or the Balloon Boy incident is sponsored by Pixar to promote their new movie UP?


Jay you ask what did they really do to the children? Well they have put their children in a situation that no responsible parent would. They taught their children to LIE to the AUTHORITIES, they taught their children that it is okay to ruin a farmer's livelyhood (the wheatfield where the balloon landed was run over by emergency vehicles and killed his crops), they taught their children it is okay to waste police, emergency, and military time for a HOAX. They taught their children you do what ever you have to no matter who suffers to become a wannabe celebrity! GET RID OF ALL REALITY SHOWS NOW and put these parents where they belong, in Jail.


Wolf Blitzer is a CNN idiot that can't think on his feet. Instead of asking a follow up he just went on with his prepared questions.


Has anyone else noticed the mom coaching Falcon by nodding her head after she says "you did?" There is no logical explaination as to why someone would nod directly at him in this manner after saying what she said. Can you say HOAX!? This guys 15 minutes are up......hopefully with a hefty bill and the scorn of North America.


The kid said it plain and simple. How much does it take for
people to not see it was a stunt to get a show. The father
is seeking the attention to get noticed.


did anyone stop to realize the fact that if this boy was in a "helium" filled baloon, he would be dead within minutes?


Ken, if you are not trolling then that is an incredibly naive comment.


What are the odds that a kid named Falcon would end up flying through the air in a make-shift hot air balloon after an accidental launch? Ok, so he was hiding in the attic or a box...but still, talk about coincidence. Hoax or not, these parents are raising the worst behaved boys and encouraging it. If you haven't watched the episode of "Wife Swap" with this family and are in the mood for a draw dropping show, I'd suggest watching it.


No caucasian-American woman would put up with this man. Only a subservient 1st-generation Asian woman, like the one he married, will unquestionably allow this stupidity.


i can't believe they used their kid like that and the media fell for it even after everyone realized it was a pr stunt

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