Ambre Lake: Topless For Gay Marriage

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Remember Ambre Lake, the winner of Season 2 of Rock of Love on VH1? What? No? Where have you BEEN, people? Sigh. It's like we don't even know each other.

Well, she turned heads on that crappy show by agreeing to a short-lived engagement to Bret Michaels. Then she turned more this week for very different reasons.

Ambre Lake decided to voice her support for gay marriage. Which would be all good, except she did so by going topless. Right in front of a Mormon temple in L.A.

With her mouth taped shut and "Legalize Gay" written on her stomach, she got naked on Santa Monica Boulevard in protest of California's ban on gay marriage.

Police were called in to intervene.

Fortunately for all involved, Ambre Lake, who beat out Daisy de la Hoya for her 15 minutes of reality TV fame, was forced to cover up after a cop approached.

Very nicely, the officer said, "You are causing a traffic hazard."

No word on what specifically prompted this odd photo shoot. Or what Ambre Lake has been up to these days. Or why anyone would spell that name Ambre.


For a good cause but not a flattering picture at all


Ambre - why would you do this?


i think this ad campaign is brilliant. amber went all the way by showing them that its her body and her right to do whatever she wants to do. she pushed the envelope which is what the mormon church does when they take away gay peoples rights. kudos amber lake. you gained points in my book!


Western world form of marriage came from Judeo-Christianity.Marriage is intended for uniting the two human genders males and females not just one gender together.Also for natural procreation and a dad and a mom for and with kids.Plus for comitted companionship between a man and a woman.Marrige was never meant for gays and lesbians!.


Why take your clothes off? Yes youre trying to get attention to the issue but instead of winning people over and try to make them understand why Gay Marriage should be legal, she's driving away people. She's dumb.


you know, on the bright side, at least she couldn't open her mouth


just another dumb b!tch trying to take advantage of a cause for her 16th minute.


Bleh. You'd want to say it's for gay rights, but honestly, this just screams desperate cry for attention.

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