Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga: Teaming Up!

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Based on a recent photo shoot for Details, it's clear that Adam Lambert doesn't have a problem with women at all.

As for rumored hermaphrodites? The American Idol runner-up sounds fond of them, as well.

Making the dreams of millions of music fans come true, Lambert confirmed via Twitter this week that he and the unusual artist are teaming up on a single. He wrote:

Yes it's true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! I love her.

Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It's a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked. GaGa just gets it, ya know?

If you're referring to fashion, Adam, then we don't exactly know, and she definitely doesn't get it. But if you're referring to great buzz and a highly-anticipated track, this is a pairing we can't wait to hear in action.

A Conservative Outfit

I think they'd make a good combination, looking forward to it


Awkward combination if I don't say so myself.


Gaga is much more talented than one might expect. I may not like her music but she has talent. She is supposed to be a Hermaphrodite ? People have no idea what hermaphrodites are, they don't have fully functional male & female sex organs. Who is Adam ?


I know very little about Lady Gaga, and have not followed her as a fan. BUT I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!! So if HE says she is insanely talented, then I have no doubt that she is. I eagerly anticipate hearing her song and Adam's performance. Adam is too good to be believed...but I am a believer anyway!!!


Lady gaga music rocks but she sucks


I would really love to see what they come up with, at least Lady Gaga's really creative so it must be interesting.


good luck on the song
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