Tyra Banks: TV Mogul or Hypocrite?

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By day, supermodel-turned-TV-magnate Tyra Banks hosts a talk show known for its message of empowerment to women. She is every woman's best friend.

Tyra Banks has your back! She has gained a big following over the years by defending females against the unfair judgment of society. She's done this by ...

  • Dressing up in a fat suit to gauge reactions among strangers
  • Wearing the same swimsuit on her show that she wore when celebrity gossip tabloids posted fat pictures of her, and telling critics to kiss her fat a$$
  • Most recently, abandoning her patented wigs, weaves and extensions in favor of her real hair, a message to women that beauty comes from within

But is Tyra Banks only out to boost her own celebrity?

Is her talk show a blatant contradiction of the values (or lack thereof) espoused on America's Next Top Model, which she produces and stars on for the CW?

The long-running reality show features contestants being judged by how they dress and look. Which is what modeling is all about ... but is the kind of thing that Banks, a supermodel herself, often denounces as shallow on The Tyra Show.

Clearly, Tyra Banks is a walking, talking contradiction. But does she see it that way, and perhaps more significantly, do any viewers of either show care?

Follow the jump for her two-part interview on Nightline ...

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I'm sick and tired of seeing girls pushed into cutting their hair off just to please that gay fag Tyra has in running her America's Top Model Show. Furthermore, it grates me that she leaves the leadership to this crazy ass gay guy who I swear is just fukn mad as hell that he wasn't born female. FINALLY, I just witnessed on this show that's on tonight that one of the females stood up to them!!!!!!!!!!


HATERZZZZ you guys are just madd because she's doing it and you guys are just there behinD the computer being mean to her, have you guys realize how many girls she has helped out with antm....Alot! and you??


Tyra IS a hypocrite. Fashion modeling is all about looks. You think the people give a SHIT about the models lives or values? Hell no. Models are walking mannequins. They are hired to look pretty and display the clothing TOP people have made. No one wants to see a regular human walking down the runway. Tyra however is trying to make the world of fashion more accepting of girls with differences, while making girls change everything about them in order to "make it to the top". Tyra made a huge contradiction on her show a while back. she had an episode about not caring what people think of you and being who you are.....the following month she had a show all about caring about what people think of yourself and how to comply to the worlds standards. Any one who doesn't think Tyra is a hypocrite is a fool who is seeing life with the wool pulled over their eyes. Completely ignorant of their own denial. AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS MY OPINION.


nothing against anyone esp tyra but yeah i often see her embarrassing her guest in her own show ( i used to watch the show u know). though most of the time i may totally disagree with the guest on the show but the way tyra treats her guest on her own show is unbearable and unprofessional.
gosh. but i guess this is her way of continuing a celeb life on the limelight since she's getting older and cant continue to work and earn as she used to so reinvent herself into what she thinks will become of her soon---commoner!!! your money can hide ur age only for a time but all the imprefections she hides will inevitably show. all the contradictions? well you cant take the fashion world out of her.


I'm sorry, but Tyra is just an ego maniac out to boost her own self-esteem and to get attention. Ever notice how, through the course of ANTM, each season seems to be more about her. This can be shown in the opening credits. Each newer season shows her more, until the newest ones are basically her flaunting herself and a view quick shots of the girls.


I love Tyra!! She acts a different wa on America's Next Top Model because thats what the modelling world is like, being judged and critisized on a regular basis. She is still the same person, she is just preparing the models for a career that they want. If they can't hnadle it on teh show then maybe thats a wake up call to them saying that they can't make it as a model. I have a lot of respect for Tyra, love her!


above comment meant Tyra is a HYPOCRITE!!


Agree with 11:21 PM comment-GREAT comment! Tyra is a HYPORITE FAKE LIAR and ALWAYS CONTRADICTS herself! Like 11:21 PM said-Tyra is NOT genuine!


I personally don't like Tyra. She doesn't seem genuine. She pretends to be someone else on her talk show. She puts on this persona that she is someone who is relatable, compassionate, and warm. But on America's next top model, she exhibits different behavior. She is a diva. She contradicts her own views and opinions. She says one thing and does another. She is a liar and a fake.


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