Report: Pamela Anderson is $1.2 Million in Debt

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Pamela Anderson used to be one of the hottest babes around, and even got some "acting" work in Baywatch and critically acclaimed films like Barb Wire.

Well, many years, a couple of celebrity sex tapes and several husbands later, she's making news because she owes more than $1.2 million to creditors.

The main financial complaint stems from a pair construction companies she stiffed after they remodeled her five-bedroom Malibu Colony home last year.

“A lot of people are owed a lot of money,” Jay Bruder, boss of Bruder Construction, said. Like a lot of money. In June, he filed a $674,043 lien against Pam.

She might really need to get back with Tommy Lee for the 120th time in order to pay bills! Or because they appear to enjoy seeing one another naked.

Pamela Anderson Cleavage Picture

Pamela Anderson is so broke, she can't even afford buttons on her tops! Also, she's had a lot of plastic surgery done. Wow. [Photo:]

That amount is apparently for the sky-high cost of “labor and materials and subcontractors to remodel main house, construct foundations for guest house.”

In addition to liens from countless other construction companies, Pam owes $252,360 to California’s Franchise Tax Board in unpaid income tax from 2007.

Even the little man is affected.

Jim Brown, the president of Mini-Haulers, which carted construction debris from Pam’s house, tells Pam’s failure to pay his $1,975 bill has hurt his family.

“Putting food on the table isn’t easy in this economy," says the small business owner. "When someone doesn’t pay their bills, it’s that much harder!”

More importantly ... would you hit it?


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If I didn't pay my bills I'd be rich too. Actually, I've heard lots of stories from suppliers/companies who are owed big bucks and many times their clients are well-off and just not interested in paying up. Just because she owes money doesn't mean she doesn't have the money...Lots of times the little guy can't afford to sue and so the customer just gets work done for free!!!


I know. Has everyone seen the serious bags under her eyes. Tired and worn out. Same thing happened Marylin M she became a joke and hollywoods plaything.


stop wasting money on plastic surgeory


she shouldn't have got her boobs done so much


Just because you are wealthy doesn't mean you can't go broke. You would think she'd have hired someone to manage her money, but who knows. Regardless, this chick is 4 months old than me yet looks like she 10 years older. How sad. Plus, not that 42 is old by any means but come on, she isn't 27 anymore, at least dress your age. She's holding on to the only 2 things that she has that still works for her. What a sad wreck.