Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: Back Together?

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Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, who totally used to be married and had a couple of cute kids together, partied at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Man, Kid Rock is gonna hate this more than he hates Twitter ...

Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee. Pamela Anderson. Gross. Again. [Photo: TMZ]

Pamela Anderson, who has had more husbands than Paris Hilton has STDs, was the sex tape queen long before anyone had ever heard of that ho-tel heiress.

It's little surprise that she's apparently not giving up her title quietly. We put the over-under on her getting engaged to Tommy Lee about a week and a half.

Like Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan, you know a reconciliation is never far away. Same with a public meltdown and "leaked" topless photo or sex tape.


good photo i lick


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Whoa, Pamela Anderson looks rough! She and Tommy Lee make a perfect couple; two aged porn stars trying to recapture their youth. At least she won't be infecting him with anything he doesn't already have (Hepatitis) or couldn't pick up from a street ho. They deserve each other. I truly pity their children, having this two scumbags for parents.

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