Matt Damon and Shawn Johnson Dead? Not So Much

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A rumor that actor Matt Damon is dead after reportedly being found in the desert over the web last night, but fortunately (and not surprisingly) it is false.

Some of the Matt Damon is dead rumors state TMZ as reporting the death. Not only is the rumor false, the attribution of the story to TMZ is also false.

A Bourne Leader?

The Academy Award-winning actor is not dead, but is in Venice, attending the Venice Film Festival and giving interviews about his new film, The Informant.

Yet somehow, by last night, Matt Damon was dead, at least according to publications who think it's the height of comedy to get people riled up like this.

No need to say goodbye to Matt Damon. He's not dead!

According to one incarnation of the rumor (via Bollywood 91), Matt Damon wrote on his blog that he was going to the desert to search for gold and adventure.

The rumor is fairly detailed in its construction, noting that Damon realizes what he's doing is dangerous. Add in a bogus TMZ sourcing and voila, death rumor.

Also disturbingly and randomly, albeit less detailed, is the supposed death of Dancing with the Stars winner and Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson last night.

She's fine too. Glad you are still with us, Shawn!


shame on you! shawn isnt dead! I CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN BE SO STUPID.


SHAWN is awesome when i read the title Shawn is dead? or something like that i was like OH NO!! but I did not believe so much


will its good news to hear that matt damon and shawn johnson are alive and well may god bless both fmmilies


whoever is putting these rumors on the internet is sick i personally dont find them funny at all i dont know to much about matt damon but i know that his family was not happy about the rumor i know that if was a parent and got that kind news i would be pissed off. as far as shawn johnson goes when i read that article that she had passed tears started streaming down my face because she was a joy to watch.watching her on dancing with the stars snd the olpmpics i was thinking to myself boy is this girl talented so best wishes to her and her family may god bless you all.


this is sick

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