Heidi Montag Wants Children, Gigantic Breasts

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Thank goodness for the return of The Hills to MTV tonight.

It's been at least a few days since we last saw Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, as the duo raked in thousands last week for a staged photo shoot on the beach.

In order to hype the new season of the least realistic show on TV, Heidi gave an interview to British magazine Closer and dished on fake breasts, her fake husband her photoshopped Playboy cover...

On the Playboy shoot: "I wasn't nervous because I'd got my body and mind into shape for it. My aim is to become an iconic sex symbol and the Playboy shoot is the first step. I wanted to be toned and curvaceous with a nice butt; I didn't want to lose weight and look skinny."

On her breasts: "I'm a C cup, but I want to upgrade to a DD cup. I have a curvy butt now and bigger boobs will enhance my shape."

Giant Boob

Heidi Montag blows a fake kiss, from her fake lips, which sit a few inches above her fake boobs.

On her atrocious Miss Universe pageant performance: "I know my skills and talent. I'd never performed in front of so many people, let alone a billion watching me on TV. Afterwards there was a lot of negativity on the Internet, but I deal with it. It happens to everyone like me and I can only do my best and feel happy."

On future Speidi offspring: "I'd love children, but Spencer doesn't. Hopefully that will change though."


please don't have children they don't deserve to be punish with heidi as the mother and worse spencer as their father


she needs to get over herself


poor her... she is so stupid. absolutely agree with miranda... dont let them have kids!


Please don't let them have children


i love her. get over it.


Maybe I'm crazy- but she's looking FINE these days. I love the platinum hair and I say bring on the DD's!!! She can be my bunny any day.


Her face looks atrocious and like a horse. Her hair is bleached blonde and looks so fake. She needs to stop getting surgery. And curvy butt? Yeah right! Girl has no ass. Go ask a black man what ass is and he will surely tell you that you have none!


What a shallow person. Most normal people marry already in agreement to have children, etc. She wants them but he doesn't, what a disaster. Regardless, I am so glad to see that she is focusing once again on what is most important for us as humans and that is the perfect physique. Instead of using her mind and focusing on her inner self she, as usual, is more concerned about what her body looks like. Because in her mind, I guess when we die, it's going to matter most how HOT your body was and not how you lived your life and/or treated others.


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