David Archuleta Sings "America the Beautiful" at U.S. Open

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In all the talk about Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, the most recent American Idol finalists, David Archuleta sent a powerful message this month:

Don't forget about me!

The 18-year old season seven runner-up belted out "America the Beautiful" prior to yesterday's matches at the U.S. Open. He was accompanied by United States Marine Corps, 6th Communications Battalion.

Following his rendition, the adorable singer Tweeted:

“Got done singing ‘America the Beautiful!’ So neat especially with the marines! Gonna watch some of the game now! Feeling really tired for some reason, but what a great day! Thanks so much you guys for watching tonight and your comments!

Impressive as always, David Archuleta entertained tennis fans over the weekend.


2 more amazing performances by David Archuleta!! Stunning and breath takingly beautiful!!! Loved them both!!!


David Archuleta proves why he is the best male pop singer in the business today with this stunning performance. Wow, just wow. Jive Records needs to step up their game – this dude is a winner, and deserves the best team of songwriters, songs, producers and promotion at his disposal. Wow, just wow.


This version of America The Beautiful has got to be the best I have ever heard! David Archuletas VOICE is gorgeous! Just like him! :D


The best rendition of america the beautiful i've ever heard. What a powerful and beautiful voice.


StephenD. I agree with everything you say. I am not a teenager but a female in my 40's who loves David Archuleta. I am a follower forever. His voice just totally amazes me outside the fact that he is adorable.


this guy can siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! not only that, but he’s handsome, has a great work ethic and appears to be very grounded – not your usual celebrity. i see a very bright and successful future for him in pop music. it’s about time truly gifted and talented singers were given the spotlight, and their due – well done david archuleta.


David Archuleta is amazing! I am a huge fan of David's...his rendition of American the Beautiful was just phenomenal! I tuned into the Tennis match because I heard David was performing.


Brilliant!! Gotta luv his vocals! Gotta luv this guy!


Amen! And don't forget--he just won 3 Teen Choice Awards for Breakout Artist, Love Song and Tour (W/ Demi Lovato). Last year he won Most Fanatic Fans award. This week he will perform at the Alma Awards and will be honored as Male Rising Star. Bravo for that spectacular rendition of ATB, David!!!!!!!!!!!


I will never forget about David Archuleta! How could one forget an artist like that who, time and time again delivers stunning live performances like ATB and keeps getting better doing it. DA
has not disappeared...He's been working almost non-stop after AI7--spring solo tour 2009, UK tour with McFly after that, Asia tour which included the Philippine concert with David Cook watched by more than 50,000 screaming fans, summer tour with Demi Lovato with solo concerts in between and recording for the Christmas album and also work on his 2010 pop album and many charity works. His single "Crush" is reaching double platinum status (Or it did already?) and his 1st album reaching platinum.
David is doing great & will have a long, successful career.


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David Archuleta finished second on the seventh season of American Idol. The adorable, talented singer suffered from vocal chord paralysis... More »
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He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

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