Miley Cyrus Spotted Kissing Liam Hemsworth... for Real!

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In June, Miley Cyrus described her co-star in The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth, as a "hot boy."

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    can you send me a picture of you and your boyfriend naked


    I agree w/ Kat. Y'all + stupid= StupidER! C: So howabout tht punkz! Y'all suck! :P SuckERz.


    Ok Amanda, ur mother, and Katie if you ever come on her and insult these people their just trying to look for something to do you morons! Y'all are on here looking at the frickin' photos too so who's talkin' now smarty pants? Hm? So YOU go get a life Idiotz! >:(


    OMG! M.C. & L.H. Are so good together! :)
    XOXO Miley and Liam y'all rock!


    ewww thats discuzting your nasty and a no good singer


    well all i gotta say is liam is SEXY and if u dont like him nor miley then ur ignorant they r good together so grow up!!!!


    Wow they look so great together! I'm sick of people leaving bad comments though. If you don't like someone or hate them that much, then seriously, keep those comments to yourself. Just be respectful, and don't post a comment if you're trying to offend Miley and her fans. After all, I'm one of those fans!


    hy pepes waz going on with these super stars and there quick dating it's always the same rutene they meet they spin time together a few months later they brake up and it is all over the knews then you see them kissing some other freak what is wrog with this ruten.answer


    lol!!! miley cyrus is actchly kissing liam hemsworth OFF CAMRA!!!
    well my dad kissed his girlfriend (my mum) in the middle of the .U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!LOL


    i totally agreee with amanda bro like u guys are such creeps GET A LIFEEE U STUPID WEIRDOS,k yeahh im not going to lie mileyy is gorgeous and liam is sexy but cmon like u spend ur fucking lifee drooling over there pictures and shit that is just really creepy like go find another hobby weirdos

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