Katie Price Calls Crowd "C--ts," Ruins Gay Wedding

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Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, is being accused of ruining the gay wedding she attended over the weekend by unleashing a four-letter rant on stage.

Taking the stage for a karaoke version of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" at the civil partnership of make-up artists Gary Cockerill and Phil Taylor, the 31-year-old model proclaimed that the audience were "all c***s!"

Katie Price and Boobs

Classy. And odd, given the crowd.

A guest interviewed by the Sun (UK) said "the woman is insane."

You won't find many celebrity gossip readers arguing.

"She said she wouldn't sing live because there were too many c***s there who would enjoy hearing her sing off key. She said we were all c***s. Then she said Peter Andre was a f*****g a******e. People walked out. She ruined everything."

Katie Price, her chest and Alex Reid at the wedding.

That about sums it up. Well, that and this: "The couple had their first dance to her miming, but the song did not come on and she was singing to herself."

Security ultimately escorted the busty model off stage.

Her new lover Alex Reid, 34, was said to look "hurt."

In somewhat related Katie Price news, it looks like Peter Andre is on his way to securing the #1 spot in the charts this weekend for his new single.

The apocalypse is near.


i think she acts like a school girl, how classy to use that word, why is she famous for getting her tits out and acting like a common slut no wounder why peter left her. i think she needs to get out the press, she is so boring to read about, she cant sing she cant act and she is getting to old to model, the little barbie should worry more about being a mum than her boyfriends


lol dumb bitch.


Calling men cunts, eh? Must have been some preeeetty strong booze served, eh, Katie? Maybe she should get together with Perez Hilton, yet another "classy"? gay basher.


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