Katie Price, Alex Reid Engage in "Constant Banging"

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Jordan (a.k.a. Katie Price) took cage fighter Alex Reid back to her hotel suite for a night of wild sex, the UK's News of the World is revealing this morning.

Hours earlier, she denied they were together. But reports say the busty model enjoyed a night of passion in a posh hotel with the hunk over the weekend.

Katie, who may be getting sued by Peter Andre for accusing her ex of infidelity, emerged around lunchtime the following day grinning from ear to ear.

One of the guests said:

"They were all over each other earlier. It was clear that they needed to get a room. And when they got inside there was a lot of noise, a constant banging."

The night of lust - which could be heard by fellow hotel guests - came days after Jordan and Reid were spotted openly groping each other in a nightclub.

Katie Price, 31, denied on TV that she was in a relationship - despite giving the former Hollyoaks star a £4,000 Chanel watch for his 34th birthday.

Other sources say they have been dating for two weeks.

One almost has to be a cage fighter to handle Katie Price.

The noisy boning session happened at Liverpool's posh Malmaison hotel ahead of a book-signing session for Jordan's new novel, Sapphire. Yes, she has a new novel.

Katie Price, who most recently was linked to model Anthony Lowther, walked into the boutique waterfront hotel at 8:30 p.m. with Reid following close behind.

Wearing a light brown playsuit, she posed for the MTV cameras which are following her every move for a new fly-on-the-wall series (premiere date unknown).

Alex Reid stayed away from the lenses, chatting on his phone. Once the cameras stopped running she and Reid went up to her luxury £405-per-night suite.

That's when the "constant banging" began in earnest.

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Katie is a prime example of anything for a buck slut, having as many kids with different men...trash. You don't think those kids are going to be fucked up once they start becoming cognitive of what a money hungry whore their mom is. She looks like a man, probably shits like one, too. What a bunch of Fucktards. I hate myself for evening reading this garbage.


are they marred ??


Hello, I would just like too say too you all that critisisum is not very polite and its anbelivably Horrable, please stop this or we will be forced too ban your id from the site.Katie & Pete are good people.
Thanks From the team and company.


katie & peter are both good people.
you lot are mean leave them both alone there doing nothing wrong
all there doing is moving on with there life.


I agree Katiey ;]


Look your all evil get a life katie and peter anr both nice.
its your lot that are been imature so you know do better stuff wid your life then critisize people. :I


Evanda; if you are really sexy and hot then you look absolutely nothing like Katie Price. Sorry.


hi, evanda you sound fucking hot, may i have your number? or this is kinda stupid.. i think i love you? :) i have 2 kids and i think we should hook up? my kids are called katy and peter, can you handle a man with children?
this is my number 07891403771
call me? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i'm jade, and tbh i think katie price is a bit of a twat! peter deserves so much better then, that she's a dog.
and hi evanda ;)

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