Jon Gosselin Ready to Open Up (Again)

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Tomorrow night, Jon Gosselin will finally tell his side of the story.

Or at least how he perceives his side of the story at that very moment.

E! News will interview the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star tonight and promises the inside scoop on the status of Jon's marriage, his latest relationships and his plans for the future - and his reaction to whatever Kate says on the Today show this morning.

Get ready for a war of words of epic proportions ... or at least a bunch of contradictory statements and BS about how his kids will always come first, blah blah.

All we know is he's tired of being blamed, dammit! Team Jon!

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D-BAG: Jon Gosselin may be the personification of the term.

Since reverting to single status, Jon has gone public with Hailey Glassman, been "in a relationship" with former Star reporter Kate Major, allegedly ransacked his kids' own babysitter Stephanie Santoro, then gotten back together with Glassman.

Despite all of that, and the photos to back it up along with the douchebag's own quotes, Jon maintains that he and Hailey have always been together. If that's true, the 22-year-old party girl must not read a lot of celebrity gossip sites.

We can't wait to hear what nonsense he has to spew this time.


This whole situation is so sad. Jon continues to profess "this is who he is", blah, blah, blah. He's gone so far to the opposite extreme, probably to overcompensate for being treated poorly by Kate for a while. But, have they tried counseling or something to meet somewhere in the middle? He just threw in the towel over a matter of months!! I don't care if he's only 32 with 8 kids....they're still his kids and he needs to get over himself and make sure they're his first priority.


I am so sick of hearing about both of them! He's a scumbag!!!
No one cares what lies they are willing to tell for the almighty $$


He doesn't need to tell his "side" of the story. There is nothing to tell. He failed at his marriage, broke his vows, twice. He's sleeping with at least one woman while still married and now isn't a permanent fixture in his children's lives. NO respect here.


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