Is Michael Jackson to Blame For His Own Death?

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As police continue to investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, it appears more likely by the day that Michael Jackson's personal physician will end up in court, the defendant in what could be a negligence, manslaughter or even murder trial.

His defense, some have posited, may rest on his ability to paint Jackson as an addict who was essentially to blame for his own death. Is this a fair argument?

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Criminally speaking, Dr. Conrad Murray may be held liable in some capacity for the June 25 demise of the star when the ongoing police investigation ends.

But what if he hadn't died? Consider the following scenario:

Jackson is revived in the ambulance or at the hospital, but a whirlwind of media coverage still surrounds him. Police ask the same questions ... only he lives.

Was MJ doctor shopping? Did he pay doctors cash in exchange for questionable practices? Did he use aliases to fill prescriptions? The list goes on and on.

How significant role did Michael Jackson (1958-2009) play in his own death, and how should the answer to that impact the criminal investigation of others?

Ethically, and likely legally, Dr. Conrad Murray should know better than to administer a drug like Propofol to Michael Jackson outside a hospital (whether he tried to cover up what happened by waiting five hours to call 911 is another topic).

So, we shouldn't blame the victim, right? But what if the victim is not blameless? What if the victim used his vast power, wealth and charm to get what he wanted? Should someone, even a doctor, really be held accountable for placating him?

Michael Jackson was, after all, a grown man, albeit one exhibiting marginal decision-making abilities in the last years of his life. Accounts of him pleading for drugs are abundant. Was he destined for a disaster of his own creation?

If you're defending Dr. Conrad Murray in a murder trial, you might try to argue that.

But on the flip side, was Jackson still the victim in all of this - not just because he died June 25, but all along, from the mental disorder of drug addiction?

It's a question not easily answered. What do you think? Is Michael responsible?


I don`t not inglish... porém nós aqui do Brasil estamos acreditendo que Mike esta vivo, porque vocês não fazem uma chamada aquele homem de chapéu que estava do funeral para ver se ele aparece.


The doctor should pay for it.. I am sick and tired of DOCTORs who swear to the commitment of medicine.. to fail to protect patients... he was a doctor.. instead of helping him he was enabeling him... the doctor should go to jail.. he cared more about the money than of his patient...


Ultimately it's Michael's responsibility.


yupp!! da 808z luv michael!!


I'm a bff of Tyvennah and Tay there sisters and were at a sleepover on the computer and let me just tell you how much the 808z luv michael but I like jermaine and michael they just like michael so God bless jermain in how sensitive he is twoards his brothers and we love u michael!!
808z luv mj!!!


I don't believe Michael was responsible or should be blamed for his own death. I do honestly believe he had a problem that he couldve fixed but I think it is stupid, mean, and selfish of some if you who thinks Michael died because of himself. Blame the people that were involved medically for him (some) but mostly blame Dr. Murray!!
the 808 defends mj!! We loooove u michael!


If his doctors could already tell he was an addict from the start, they would know at least what harm his addiction can do to him, the least they could have done is present him with the option to enter rehab, if not, then not be his personal doctor at all if they could see that they will only enable him. But they can't resist the money can they?


I do strongly believe that Dr. Murray had at least some, part, or was the hole thing that started Michaels death. And another thing that's weird or suspicious to me is why didn't he put Michael on the floor to give CPR than on a bed? Michael was a kind, caring and loving man and I hope that he rests in peace love and harmony!!


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Blame everyone associated with Michael, including Michael himself. His family claim that they were unable to intervene. Nonscense! Total nonscense! They too are to be blamed. Now they all, it seems, are trying to benefit financially from his death.


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