Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski to Adopt ...

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... a dog! The Bachelorette star found love on reality TV with Ed Swiderski, but Jilly has so much more warmth to share with this world, she's planning to open up her heart once more to a rescue puppy. Sounds like fun!

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    Sheep...? Enjoy your new healhtcare system cstew.


    At least in America the government listens to the people sometimes. Yet Canadians think big brother in the states is bad...I guess it just goes to show you the ratio of losers in Canada versus America. Canada is filled with know-nothings...thats why most just squeek out a living and are happy to smoke a joint when they get home. Canada truly is one of the biggest jokes in the world. HORRIBLE run country...and I mean HORRIBLE!...not that the citizens of Canada would know better. F'ing sheep!


    I agree with Brooke - Chi town doesn't need this idiot. And I'm a Canadian from "Jillys" hometown of Vancouver. THANK GOD, I live in American now! I went back to visit and I might as well have been in Nebraska. Canada and it's pathetic government is a disgrace. I hate Canada and I know that most Canadians, if they were able to live anywhere in North America wouldn't stay there either. Lucky for me I'm a dual citizen. I don't know what makes me sicker the Canadian government or the losers who live there who just nod along at the taxes and rip offs.


    Let me guess, Brooke, your ugly aren't you? And you must be at least, what, five (5) years old?


    God I can't stand this girl!!!! Poor Chicago has to be graced with her presence. Ugh!!!!!!!

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