Audrina Patridge Haunted By Carl's Jr. Burger Ad

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Who knew seductively posing in a bikini while devouring a giant slab of beef could have long-lasting repercussions for a reality star and aspiring actress?

Audrina Patridge was at the opening of the Del Mar Raceway in San Diego this weekend, where a local FOX station tried to conduct an interview with her.

Tried being the operative word.

Throughout the ordeal, Audrina Patridge was interrupted by throngs of male admirers, hooting, hollering and bombarding her with chants of "Carl's Jr.!"

They are, of course, referencing her infamous Carl's Jr. burger ad, which we have posted below. And it's not just randoms she's getting grief from, either.

"Even my family, when I go home for barbeque's, they're like, 'Hey, Audrina look at this!' and they make fun of me!" the 23-year-old Patridge lamented.

In their defense, it's Audrina Patridge. What are they supposed to ask her about? Her ongoing feud with Jayde Nicole? Health care reform? Economic policy?

And besides, when you've give this kind of treatment to a teriyaki burger, it's hard to be taken seriously. Check out the video of the mouth-watering ad below:


She is adored and well respected by millions of fans and true friends. As for her family they love her and would never be mean in anyway whatsoever. ... We love Audrina just for your information, Del Mar was a blast and many whom were there.. Know Guys werent hooting or yelling out at her in anyway, So this gosipp crap seems to be spreading rumors AGAIN... We love Carls Jr. & We love Audrina Patridge. FYI She won at the horse races... had a ton of wonderful friends and family with her..


What a ditz. Is she really serious? Is she that ignorant that she wouldn't expect to be harrassed about that commercial? She probably loves the attention but she's trying to make it look like she's surprised by it otherwise she never would have done the t.v. spot. She knew what she was getting herself into.

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