Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Enjoy Secret Rendezvous, Sleep Over

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While fans hyperventilated over their appearance together at Comic-Con last week, the interaction between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was anything but romantic.

There were even rumors that the movie studio behind New Moon, Summit Entertainment, specifically forbade the rumored couple from getting close to one another in public (more on that below).

However, sources have confirmed that Pattinson and Stewart did, indeed, get whisked away to the 11th floor of Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Wednesday night for some quality time together. In secret.

"They were so private," an insider said to E! News. "They were hardly seen by anyone. Their people made sure of that. But [Rob and Kristen] were there. They had a secret entrance to the hotel and everything... Who knows their specific sleeping arrangements, but [Rob and Kristen] were on the same hotel floor."

We're guessing that's not true. They were likely on the same hotel bed... if you know what we mean!

Comic-Con Couple

But, wait, why would Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart need to hide their relationship in such a manner? It's all about marketing.

As fans of the Twilight franchise know, New Moon focuses almost entirely on the burgeoning relationship between Bella (Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Some believe Summit doesn't want to ruin the effect of that storyline by having Rob and Kristen get cozy together in front of fans.

"Right now, it's all about Taylor and Kristen," said a source, referring to the film's ad campaign. "Rob's physically almost never in the movie! The relationship between [Taylor and Kristen] is a huge part of the sequel, so fans need to get used to seeing them together. Not Kristen and Rob. That's the way it's going to be."

It wasn't that way in the photos below, at least. Click on each for larger shots of this adorable twosome:

  • Happy Together
  • Soaking It In
  • Fan Greeters

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Heng wang vanz henz

I like if they are in real dating !


look all you people putting kristen stewart down is just because u want to b the one to sleep or kiss robert!!! get over it!! it will never happen just keep fantasising and stop slagging them off its just bitchy!!!!!!!!!!


I just want to say that everybody should leave Kristen and Robert alone!!! They are just having some time together to have some fun! I think Kristen Stewart was carved by angles and she is so pretty! and Robert is so loving and handsome! I fell in love with the movie Twilight and thought it was amazing. But people should not be saying bad things about them its rude and awful! Kristen is not a rocker just because of her hair! She did that to play in a movie called " The Runaways" she might be a rocker and that is okay! But even without her long brown hair I think she is still pretty! and I am only 11 years old! and I am not stupid!


yes you r the only person who thinks shes ugly! ur are probably the 1 whose ugly
i love kstew, she is so talented and pretty! a great actress who adapts to every role 100% and does it to the fullest! i cant wait to see her in the joan jett movie! GO ROBSTEn dnt hide your love


I don't even think their relationship (whatever kind of relationship, that is) has anything to do with New Moon. Movies and real life are very different.
It won't really change their popularity as long as either of them don't do anything illegal. LOL.


Will people please stop saying we are together
It is really ignorant 07903173673


To whichever person emailed in that Rob was a Catholic and implied his virtue was intact...give me a break. I know for a fact he may be a Catholic but he's a player. But, he has settled down with Kristen. He is in love with her and vise versa. Kristen broke up with Michael several months ago and she and Rob have been together since. As far as Kristen not being good enough or needing to live up to his standards, I'm here to tell you that Ktisten is a fine young woman. Yes, she's not perfect but she doesn't claim to be either. And by the way, Rob loves her just the way she is. As far as all these tabloids and internet media whatevers, please just leave them alone. Let them do their jobs and live their lives.


Lily, Deiene, you are not the only ones who thinks Kristen is UGLY - I dod too. In this photo she looks like a complete train reck. What is with the hair? A guy like Rob would never hook up with an ugly girl like her. I can't believe Summit have have based an entire francise on her ugly face. If they can replace Rochelle with a better looking actress, why not replace Kristen with one too.


I wish people would get over that the old boyfriend is gone! Been gone for months! Why do some think he is still around?


I wish people would get over that the old boyfriend is gone! Been gone for months! Why do some think he is still around?

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