Miley Cyrus Wings Away to New Movie, Possible Franchise

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Miley Cyrus has signed on for a fourth season of Hannah Montana.


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    I think Miley is a good idea bt I'm not sure the movie was announced in 2009.If u seen recent pictures of Miley she looks sexy and mature not like hannah Montana.if this movie is made in 2013 Miley will be at least 20. I prefer Dakota or Elle fanning or an unknown.I have no doubt that Miley make this movie shine bt in her own words she can't be TAMED so it will bring the wrong kind of ATENTION


    When will this movie come out?




    TYPO!!!! Laurel is a faerie, not a fairy! She is called a faerie because she is a plant.


    Please do not let Miley Cyrus portray Laurel. She does not look like her at all and I don't think she has what it takes to be Laurel. Her voice is not right for the part nor her looks. Miley is very pretty yes, but she is so wrong for the is 2012.. When are they starting on the movie??


    PLEASE do not let Miley Cyrus play in The Wings productions!!! I am a HUGE fan of the series, and I have seen Miley Cyrus's acting as well as experience. She does not fit the role at all. It would make everything completely awkward, and the movies would ne horrible. So, not Miley!!!


    NO. PLEASE NO!!! Miley has never ever been a good actress and honestly I hate her. Everything about her. Just hearing her voice pisses me off. As an avid YA reader I LOVED Wings and do not wish to see it RUINED!! Miley is completely WRONG for the role - she doesn't even look like Laurel, and PLEASE! She can't pull off the part of gentle Laurel. THE MOVIE WILL BE TOTAL CRAP WITH HER IN IT. TRUST ME. YOU DON'T NEED A FORTUNE TELLER TO TELL YOU THAT. GO AWAY MILEY.


    first of all i dont like miley cirus . but she isnt right for the part at all , and there are so many more acters right of the part its rediculus that she was even considered , let alone chosen ! i cannot see the logic in choosing her , im just saying the obvious not looking right like blonde and grey eyes . but what about the constant referring her to have model like beauty . and saying that she was at a perfect weight and never having to worry about it . miley probably will make her look unhealthy skinny. now to the skin it is meant to be perfect light olive tone . NO freckels. not to mention miley looks weston , which is good if it was a different movie !! by the she actually has to be able to create a fairy aura !! you know to make the audience get 'into' the movie ?? did the casting directer even study the books at all ??? miley = more sexual connotations .. thats not laurel ??! are you insane ?


    I think that Dakota Fanning would be better.


    i would hate to see miley doing the role of laurel. i love this book all of them, i even wished my life was like that. but sadly it wont happen :(

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