La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered

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La Toya Jackson, the grieving sister of the late Michael Jackson, blames a seedy cast of manipulative hangers-on for effectively murdering her star.

In an interview with the Daily Mail (UK), La Toya, who signed her brother's death certificate, portrayed Michael Jackson as a lonely, isolated figure.

A figure at the mercy of a shady, money-motivated clique.

She accuses people with access to Michael Jackson of cutting the star off from his family and friends and forcing him, largely against his will, to sign up for the gruelling commitment of 50 concerts at London’s O2 arena.

Those shows were set to begin shortly after he died June 25.

La Toya Jackson believes her brother was fed addictive drugs by handlers who wanted to control his moods. She says they regarded him as a "cash cow" and exploited him at every turn. It was this, she believes, that led directly to his death.

While the cause of Jackson's death is unknown and the formal state autopsy results not due back for weeks, La Toya had a private autopsy conducted.

She received the results on Friday and while she won’t comment on the details until the police and coroner's office conclude their investigations, she did reveal that four fresh needle marks were found on Michael Jackson’s neck.

La Toya Jackson
Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

La Toya, 53, said: "I believe Michael was murdered, I felt that from the start. Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people."

"He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that. People fought to be close to him."

"A month ago, I thought Michael was going to die before the London shows because he was surrounded by people who didn’t have his best interests at heart."

"Michael was worth a billion dollars. When anyone is worth that much money, there are always greedy people around them. I said to my family a month ago."

"He’s never going to make it to London."

La Toya said Michael himself never believed he would live to be an old man and feared he would die in his fifties, and that he was isolated from his family.

She says she is speaking out now to "put the truth out there."

The LAPD has not ruled out classifying Jackson's death a homicide if it is revealed that his doctors provided and administered substances that killed him.

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i feel soooooooooooo bad for michel jackson death


you are a relly sister god pless you


i mean kick their ass =)


Thanks null for your insight into his last moments. This is very enlightening! Michael must have been the kindest man! *Let's end gangstalking - organized stalking of an innocent individual by more than one person - and the torture and murder of innocent civilians through the application of DEW*


Poor Michealwe will alwayslove you no matter what.


It's truly sad no one could intervene before he died. It must have been difficult knowing that calling for a court order to get him the help he needed if possible would have just made more negative news about Michael, forcing him to get help. I'm sorry but if I was his sibling I would have had to kick some ass to get into see him when they suspected he had a drug problem and the staff was keeping the family out. I just can't believe Michael didn't think about how his kids would suffer by losing him if he would have overdosed. He was a good father but I guess he was being brainwashed by people that were after his money with the aid of the drugs.


what a bunch of crap. latoya can't SIGN a death certificate only an MD can. this faulty piece of info makes the rest of it dubious to say the least.


I think that Michael was a very overly sensitive person. When he became an adult and had the money, he lived his childhood through the many children he befriended. I'm sure he felt safe and unpersecuted in their company. I don't believe for a minute any of those molestation allegations, he just went a little overboard with the kids which left him very vunerable to the lawsuits.
I am sure that all of that had a direct bearing on his health decline along with the alledged drug use. People unfortunately took advantage, it happens all the time.


I think the doctor overdose him! However, I wished the Jackson family would have pleaded this much for Michael while he was alive!


i agree with la,toya i have said from day1 when i found out mj died that something didnt add up and that i think he was murderd and i still do think he was and i just hope and pray that mj family get 2 the bottom of it all and that thay get the truth and justice my thoughts and my heart go out 2 them all xxx

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