Kim and Khloe Kardashian Offer Konflicting Kover Advice on Weight Loss

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Which is it, Kim Kardashian? Are you happy with your curves or aren't you?!?

In March, the reality TV star spoke proudly about her body, railing against critics that mocked her cellulite and setting a good example for women by saying "just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn't mean I'm perfect."

We applauded her stance at the time.

Now, however, sister Khloe Kardashian graces the cover of Life & Style, on which she brags about the 20 pounds of weight Kim helped her shed. And just how did the siblings team up to trim down?

Through a quick-fix, unhealthy system of "cleansing;" i.e. a politically correct form of bulimia, involving the evacuation of all sustenance out the other end.

Life & Style Cover
Khloe Kover

Kim Kardashian was proud of her curves... until she discovered a way to pad her bank account by saying otherwise.

In fact, Kim and Khloe are even shilling their very own cleansing product. It's called Quick Trim and it will soon be on sale at GNC.

“It’s a lemonade-based cleanse. It’s ready to go! Khloe has lost 20 pounds off of it,” Kim said this week. “I tried the pepper ones for literally half a day. I couldn’t stick to it! But I can totally do this."

We have two reactions to this:

  1. We can't believe Kim found something she won't swallow.
  2. Don't try this at home, kids. It's not healthy, nor will it result in long-term weight loss. If you somehow can't resist an attempt, don't bother to give the Kardashians money as a result. Just go to Taco Bell.

If Bush doesn't want to be married when Kim so oisuobvly does- he should be a man about it and tell her or move on. But this post isn't about Kim K. or Reggie Bush. Let's focus on the ideas that SR brings up which largely reflect back to the power women have in relationships and what we as women need to do in order to reclaim that power. I also think the idea that marriages predicated by a big lavish wedding fale is curious. I'd like to see actual stats on that. I'm also wondering if it's a way of keeping BW in their place and "not wanting anything."


What idiotic sluts! I remember the day when people were famous for talent instead of showing their ASSets for the whole world to see! Stop REPORTING THE KARDASHIANS! We've had enogh of their useless behinds!

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