Jennifer Love Hewitt: A Loyal, Crazed Member of Team Edward!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt may converse with the afterlife on The Ghost Whisperer, but it's a different, unusual creature she seems to truly crush on.

Speaking to MTV News at last week's Comic-Con festival, the actress couldn't hide her extreme affection for a certain famous vampire.

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“Who’s not Team Edward?” Hewitt gushed, clearly referencing the character played by Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga. “There is not a girl in the world who’s not Team Edward! Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they are not girls! They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist.”

Ouch. Come on, Jennifer. Taylor Lautner, the man in charge of Team Jacob, isn't that bad, is he?

Heck, in our latest poll results, asking readers if they'd rather sleep with Robert or Taylor, the latter has an impressive 49% of the vote!

But it's safe to say that Hewitt would prefer to wake up next to Pattinson in the morning.

“I’d pass out [if I met him]. I can’t talk about it, ‘cause I’d pass out,” she told MTV News. “It’s because he’s Edward. Listen, Edward can fly you through the forest. He’s like Aladdin with vampire teeth — there’s magic-carpet rides. He can sing. He can watch you sleep. He plays music. He sniffs your neck. I mean, please!”

The actress is also happy to let producers of the Twilight franchise know that she's available, at any time, for any role.

“I want a part so bad. Any part’s fine," she said. "I will be the vampire who carries Robert Pattinson’s luggage in the airport, that is the part that I will play if they need it. [My dork of a boyfriend, Jamie Kennedy] wants to play a werewolf, so we’re both putting it out there."

What do you think, fans? Is there a role you wanna see Jennifer Love Hewitt take on in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?


its awesome to see stars admit their crushes too... mm edwarddd!


I could see Jennifer in it as one of the denli sisters but the only thing i hate about twilight movie and new moon is that the special effects suck and they dont even spent enough filming to get the best results. The filming for new moon is March to June and now they are editing and its out in November.


i think jenifer would be great as one of the denali sisters....she doesnt need to get airbrushed or anything cause shes alredy so beautiful....she would be so great


I think Jennifer Love Hewitt would be great as one of the Denali women (can't think who they all are right now)in Breaking Dawn and Jennifer is not a Lindsay/Hillary type either. I think she's a mature and beautiful young woman.


i think she should play one of the women from denali or she should play one of the women vampires that come to help bella and edward in braeking dawn


Oh PHULEEZE. jeniffer love, hillary duff, lindsay lohan,types should be BANNED from the sets of the twilight saga, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn.
come on!!!


I think saying that half of the twilight fans are team really push it a bit don't you think? I read a blog from someone who attended comicon and kept chanting we want Rob at a screening that has Taylor. I'm not saying there aren't fans, just thinking that the numbers for Jacob/Taylor are probably a little inflated. Also, I saw the interview on MTV--it was very cute. She wasn't rude at all.


seriously, 49% said they would want to sleep with a 17 year


Wow, I think she just offended about half of Twilight fans. I'm Team Jacob and she just like made me mad. How is this chick still making it if she's this ignorant? I wonder what other kinds of faux pas she's made?


i can see jennifer love hewitt as Katie in Breaking Down~

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