Nadya Suleman Rips Kate Gosselin ... Literally!

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The war of words between Spencer Pratt and Audrina Patridge has nothing on these two. Octomom Nadya Suleman is absolutely tearing into Kate Gosselin.

In multiple ways!

When her unofficial mouthpiece, Radar Online, showed Octomom some bikini pics of her mega-mom nemesis, she responded like any rational person would:

By tearing them to shreds!

Over the course of a four-minute video, Nadya Suleman:

  • Calls Kate Gosselin a "cheater" for relying on plastic surgery to get her body back in bikini shape following giving birth to twins and sextuplets.
  • Does not like Kate's "boxy" figure.
  • Opines that Kate's boobs are fake.
  • Says she would never get plastic surgery, and that her friends call her the "rubberband" for her body's ability to bounce back following child birth.
  • States, in probably the most flagrant case of pot calling kettle black in human history, that she is not nearly as big an attention whore as Kate.
  • Thinks Gosselin's bikini photos look staged, and that the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star is "pretending" not to notice cameras, and just "desperate."

Once Steve Neild rolls over and passes out, it's your move, Kate.

Crazy Octomom

Nadya Suleman thinks Kate Gosselin "cheated" in regaining her slim figure via plastic surgery. The mother of 14 also thinks the mother of eight has fake breasts.


Octomom is as annoying as Jon and Kate plus 8.
Both families cashing in on kids produced by fertility drugs, born into equally unstable circumstances, both women trying to make a career out of artificial multiple birthing, plastic surgery and sponsorship deals.
Let's face it multiple births like this do not happen naturally, and until they do (unlikely), these silly money grabbing self absorbed people should go out to work like the rest of us and support their kids instead of flaunting their bodies at endless photo shoots keeping them away from the children for long periods of time, writing books, and worse of all depending on the welfare state to pay for them!
These people are as artificial as the drugs they pump into their bodies to create their broods and in time selfishly leaving an even larger carbon footprint behind to destroy the planet!


right ELAINE!


Elaine & E. I so agree with your comments!


Did Kate mind her business when she was every talk show, morning news show, internet news that would have her (deny her children water or pinching them) when she was JUDGING Nayda? Look into Kate Gosselin's back round more carefully, you'll see Kate's problems are more disturbing then Nayda's. At least, Suleman knows what empathy means.




Octomom needs to go crawl under a rock...There is something horribly, horribly wrong with her physically and mentally and it very scarey to think that she has reproduced herself over and over and over and over and over and over and over and nauseum


She is still denying having a tummy tuck!


Kate is a wonderful mother. Nadya Suleman needs to mind her own business, and focus on her children. I dont see why they havent been taken away from her yet!


Liar, liar pants on fire.


The lips of octomom looks like a full blown hemmorrhoids. Ugliest lips I have ever seen . Kate looks more natural than this jobless , stupid cow with stupid butt face.

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