Kate Gosselin: Would You Hit It?

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Her vagina might be cavernous, but her body is slammin.

While Steve Neild is rumored be an expert on both these Kate Gosselin body parts, the public has now been exposed to the latter, following a vacation Kate and her kids recently took to Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

Kate G.

The mother of eight likely raked in hordes of cash from paparazzi as she was photographed in a bikini last week during the trip.

While Gosselin doesn't look like someone that has given birth to two sets of multiples, her body is not the result of any impressive workout routine. Instead, a tummy tuck was one of the numerous freebies TLC handed out to Kate and husband Jon.

Regardless of how she got this way, the bottom line is that Kate Gosselin is bordering on major MILF status. Do you agree?

Would you hit it?


Why would I hit it? Her vagina is probably disgusting and stinky!


Yes her bellybutton does look odd because of her tummytuck, but it also looks relatively close to those new boobs of hers as well. I think it's funny she hasn't broadcast that she got her boobs done, but maybe this new uproar of drama overshadowed her in introducing them in this new season.


Kris is right... her bellybutton is really high up! Strange. The MILF call is highly questionably - even with a bag on her head. Her legs are pretty short and chubby.


Is it just me, or is her belly button really close to her boobs? Must be from the tummy tuck.


Jon and Kate are both emotionally crippled people who tried very hard to be a Ozzie and Harriett which was a joke. Kate doesn't even speak to her own mother and father which she has never explained (must have been pretty bad Kate). And how do you explain that Jon's mother has nothing to do with her own grandchildren. What a joke! It was very easy if you took your happy rose colored glasses that these two had a pathetic relationship. Jon from the very beginning came across as an angry man who held a grudge against poor Kate. A man unable to love her. Kate is as sick of him as he is of her!

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