Megan Fox: Kill All the White Trash!

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When Megan Fox opens her mouth, most men fantasize about sticking a certain body part of theirs inside of it.

In reality, though, the only thing that's going down Fox's throat these days is her foot.

Over the last few weeks, as she's given interviews and attended events on behalf of this summer's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the actress has uttered a handful of unusual, seemingly idiotic words.

She said she wants to be respected in Hollywood for her looks, not her chess-playing skills; she said men are like "weak puppies; and now she's said that she'd be okay if various people in the Midwest were killed.

At a press conference in South Korea yesterday, Fox was asked how she'd prevent the evil Transformer Megatron from destroying the world. Saying she'd barter with him, the star explained how she'd reason with the character:

"Instead of the entire planet, [I'd say to him]: Can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Megan. We hate Carrie Prejean as much as the next intelligent website; and we aren't fans of narrow-minded individuals that cite Biblical passages as the basis for their bigotry... but we draw the line at waterboarding over murder. Let's be reasonable here.

It's a good thing Fox looks like she does. Click on the following photos of her from this media event in South Korea...


Damn. I was gonna see Jonah Hex, now I have to boycott it. Thanks racist douche bag Megan Fox. Oh, ...I guess its your studio, all the other actors, and the box office that will suffer, along with you. Soon as they figure that out, maybe you can learn to not be such a bigot?


P.S. I voted to legalize gay unions, you should not judge a book by it's cover. We have a varity of people with different life choices and views. You should respect that even if you don't agree.


Wake Up You are the white trash.


Nazi girl? You need to kill yourself. I hate Megan Fox and I'm sick of seeing her, but I agree with her right here.


Why does Ms. Fox only want to get rid of the white Bible thumpers who voted against gay marriage? What about all of those black Bible thumpers? That would've been waaay un-PC for her career.


I am so sick of idiots stating she makes a valid argument. Calling for murder is NEVER right! Oh, and to BISHANG, we're glad you don't live in USA either, you are bigoted! Anyone who agrees with Megan Fox's comment are a bunch of Nazis!! And BADGER, you don't sound much more educated than Megan!


Just when I thought she couldn't possibly get any stupider, she proves me wrong. If she couldn't afford all that plastic surgery on her face, she'd be dumb AND ugly. I'll stick with Angelina, thanks.


She's probably just having fun. Controversy sells damnit... dun cha guys know that already? Megan Fox


Ah the left. Tolerant of everyone, except for people not like them.


"she makes a valid arguement" Then so did Hitler. You people breed war, racism, and bigotry. You people created so many "racists", it's not even funny. I'm one of them. I used to be a liberal, but after hearing shit like this, I started roman-saluting the crooked cross. Civil war is coming. Can't wait to see if any of you bitches are ready. All of your "progression"...has led to this. We're now more divided than ever. Racially, religiously, politically...we're just dying to kill each other. Megan Fox will run through her 15 minutes of fame, but the damage has already been done. And we have you "progressives" to thank for that. All this progression, and yet the world has only gotten worse. Every time someone claims they're going to improve something, turn around and run. Because look around...this is what you get. Mass disease. Mass starvation. Increased crime. Increased hatred. From all sides. And guess what? I'm no Christian. Brace yourselves.


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