An Early Look at New Moon: Movie Stills Galore!

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Have you seen the New Moon trailer?

It's exciting and it's revealing, but it also passes by too quickly.

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Was that really Jacob Black shirtless?!? And transforming into a werewolf?!? Did Edward really bid farewell forever to Bella?!?

Fortunately, we've tracked down a number of still shots from the Twilight sequel, which opens on November 20. There's no reason to wait until then to ogle Taylor Lautner topless or drool over the blood-soaked lip of Robert Pattinson.

Just click on the following photos to enlarge images from the upcoming blockbuster...

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the isabella swan is so well with rob but is better with jacob black. if they want to know more send me a mail. bj. claudia


Taylor Lautner is soo freakishly hott it isn't even funny anymore. I mean seriously screw r-patz who cares?? It's seriously all about Taylor/Jacob and can you really blame anyone for choosing wolves over vamps i mean you have to actually LOOK at the pack and almost instantly you choose them. You got a whole mouthful of the vampires in twilight and now its time for the werewolves to make themselves present and start the beautifully painful war between Jacob and Edward and all you have to do is go see the movie and show your support. And then get into numerous fights about which of the two races are better Wolves or Vamps??


Wow both of them are amazing. I don't envy Bella the choice. Can't wait for November.


Okay, Taylor.... MOUTHWATERING!!! =D Hehe. LOVE The Abs. =] Sexiest Man Alive I Think =] *Growl*


those movie stills are just from the trailer lol...




still have to see twilight!


i cant wait for NEW MOOON to come out!!!
Taylor is so hawt!

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