American Idol Says Goodbye to Danny Gokey

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He had a great voice, a great (albeit tragic) personal story and a great run on American Idol.

But Danny Gokey did not have what it takes to make the finals, as the singer was eliminated last night after solid, but unspectacular, renditions on Monday's performance show.

Ryan Seacrest caused our hearts to stop for a few moments last night, as he initially announced that Kris Allen had made it through to next week's finale.

That left Danny and Adam Lambert in the bottom two, as a nation feared the latter might actually not take his rightful place among the show's winner.

In the end, though, Ryan announced that over 88 million people voted, Lambert was safe and Danny was going home.

"This whole experience feels like a dream come true.  American Idol has given me a whole new hope for my life," said Gokey during a video montage of his journey, reflecting on how far he's come since his wife passed away last July. "It's almost like a fairy tale story.  You read about tragedies, and then you read about the triumph that comes through it - and I'm that person."

Did America make the right choice? Did Gokey deserve to go home?

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I think its a outrage i mean what simon hairy arms no about music i mean all he does is cheat his way throo the industy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish adam and danny were in the finals! i dont like kris hes ugly me and my freand used to wach the show but not any more! IM DONE!and danny woud totly kick his but and last year david A should of one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im never going to that stupid show so they lost there vewers!!!!!!!


I think it was so sad he lost i like adam but danny was way better! I think america has lost there minds me and my mom were totly crying whene he lost. so i hope he makes an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SAD DAY!


....Personally I'm so sad Danny go... I want it to be him and Adam in the final.
Kris is good too, but I still prefer Adam..well let's see what will happen next week but I honestly I don't feel really excited anymore..


Have you seen the pictures of Adam with tranvesite get-up and nipple piercings!!! It's all over the net


I've been watching american idol for the last five years and this is'nt the first time that the finale two were wrong. Danny deserved to go to the finale two with Adam and Kris just got lucky at the end. Danny has a bright future ahead of him and god bless his music.


Terrence Trent Darby, are you kidding me? Paula needs to have her head examined. This was done intentionally so that younger viewers could not relate to the song and would vote for Chris or Adam instead. Simon practically begged people to vote for Adam, how is that right? Danny is a true American Idol and should be in the finale!


adam needs to win heart broke lastnight,i seriously cried for him i loved him so much,i have always hates kris and now i dont even wanna watch that stupid show anymore


Danny should have been in the final. He was never on the bottom once. Adam and Chris both were. Danny is always consistant and versatile. This is not so much about music as it should be. Mainly little girls and young teeners vote repeatedly for cute or wierd contestants. What is the need for judges. They are mostly biased. Diogardi for sure had a thing for Adam from day one. If it is a contest let there be judges. Go Danny go and show em all.


LOVED DANNY GOKEY!! Not only did he have a great voice but he by far had the best personality!! not gonna lie I liked Adam in the beginning now he's just down right annyoing..the screaming/screeching leaves me with a pounding headache by the end of the now it looks like ill be voting for Kris..just wish it couldve been a danny and kris finale...

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