Jason Mesnick: Engaged!

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The new season of The Bachelor doesn’t begin airing until January 5, but Jason Mesnick says that he did find love this time on ABC’s reality dating series.

“I’m engaged!” Mesnick, the 32-year-old Seattle single dad who won America's hearts as the runner-up on The Bachelorette last summer, tells People. “I found exactly what I was hoping for, what I was looking for. I’m completely in love.”

Soaked Pair

His marriage proposal to DeAnna Pappas was thwarted when she chose pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak. They later broke up, which shocked Mesnick.

“I really did fall in love with DeAnna,” he says, adding that when he heard she and Csincsak split, “I was shocked. I thought they were going to make it.”

An outpouring of support from his fans and family helped convince the divorced Jason Mesnick to take another chance at finding love on reality TV.

“I don’t want to be by myself,” he says. “I’m ready for a relationship and a family.”

That family includes Ty, Mesnick’s three-year-old son from his first marriage. Jason says that the woman of his dreams has (or apparently, she had) to understand that falling in love with him also means connecting with Ty.

“I was not looking for a mom,” he says. “But I was definitely looking for a partner for me and a mentor and a friend to Ty.”

Mission accomplished. Mesnick says he’s still in awe of how his life has changed in the past year, from The Bachelorette to a starring turn on The Bachelor. “I just really believed this can happen to me... I cannot believe it’s this great!”


EEEWWW. Jason is a jerk. Good luck to Molly.


jason mesnick is so sexy


What Jason did to Melissa was so unkind. Melissa will find another man that really can love her for herself.


What an interesting outcome in the final rose. The wonderful Jason has the wonderful Molly.


After reading the posts and trying to grasp everything said and done in the finale preview I am really puzzled. He said he was not in love with Jillian. So it can't be her. He cares for Stephanie as a friend forever. So she is out. He needs someone as kind and loving as Stephanie. French nails can be done for the final girls so we can't tell by that. There was another single mother "Megan" Pretty sure its not her. DeAnna hurt him so his family will not be pleased with him picking her. So that is out. Melissa's parents are negative about the whole thing and her friends never saw her parents. He can't pick someone with objecting parent. I am not happy with the girls left with what they have allowed us to see and Jason is really a wonderful person with a wonderful son and would like to see him with a wonderful wife and life for all three. We need a happy ending.


A wonderful human being he is, so he deserves a women that absolutely completes him, compliments him, and is the opposite yet balance he needs to love Ty and start is new journey. Respectfully, Netta:)


yes totally sucks that they say he is engaged to someone from the show.....but they also said its to a single mother as well and i do believe that the only single mother left on the show is Stephanie and they also show the hands of the girl being proposed and she has a french manicure.....Stephanie is the only one i have seen with a french manicure..?????


Maybe there`s a twist - who knows, he may get engaged to Deanna! That would TOTALLY suck but a possibility.


Jason IS sexy and hot!!!!!! But why did he have to tell us before the show even starts, that he got engaged on it? I like not knowing, until the very end.


just kidding he is so okay

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