Mistaken For Lindsay Lohan, Hayden Panettiere Enraged

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Hayden Panettiere was apparently P-I-S-S-E-D when a pair of squealing fans mistook her for Lindsay Lohan at a boutique on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood last week.

The Heroes actress was happy to have their attention, according to reports, until one of the fans called her “Lindsay” and asked when she'd be back on Ugly Betty.

Hayden's response: "Don’t EVER call me that again! You have NO idea what an insult that is!” Ouch. Hayden better watch out or she'll incur the wrath of SamRo.

Is being mistaken for LiLo really that bad? Tell us ...

Lindsay Lohan, Blue Blazer
Guy Ogles Hayden

Who would you rather ...


I'm with Brianne & Mandy.
What an insult.


I'll be pisssed too. You try hard to have your own identity and looks and then you would be mistaken for someone else who always looks kinda always... wasted?


I agree with Dee. Sure, Lohan is a mess, but that doesn't warrant Panetierre's reaction. She should learn how to handle herself in public, because the only person Pantierre is hurting by that comment is herself.


I dont blame her for gettin annoyed. Bein mistaken for Lindsay Lohan is one of the biggest insults there is out there for an innocent teen star


If I spent my young life establishing a respectable carreer, rather than succumbing to the booze and coke binges that lurk around every corner in hollywood, I would be UBER pissed too for somebody to mistook me for lindsay lohan! Lindsay Lohan is the classic example of wasting one's life and talents, her lack of appreciation and respect for the blessings that she has been awarded is sickening. I completely understand your disgust hayden!


hayden seems like such a big bitch now. what happened? was she always this bad?!

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