Matt Prokop: The Next Zac Efron?

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The debate over whether or not Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato is the next Miley Cyrus rages on. Weigh in with your opinion today!

Meanwhile, here's a new rising star, one that may soon take the place of Zac Efron in the hearts of High School Musical fans.

Matt Prokop plays the character of Jimmy Zara in High School Musical 3. He's already rumored to be anchoring the fourth film in that franchise, despite there being no official announcement yet that another movie is even planned.

Could Matt Prokop be the next Zac Efron? He has the hair for it, at least.


no onr can outdo zac Efron! And Matt I think u need to talk to Zac and the producers and make a hsm reunion with the original cast!! By the way u were funny in hsm 3!!


you guys are all so stupid! zac was amazing at singing, dancing, and acting. this kid cant do anything. in HSM3 he was terrible. he spoke like an idiot, and the few lines he actually sang at the end with ashley proved what a completely horrible voice he has.


I think Zac sucks just like this other guy that you have playing in HSM4... Ashley, Vanessa, Cobin, and the guy that played Ryan should be in it... I would put Taylor Lautner in it... He would make a better Troy than Zac and that guy anyday... So my shout outs go to Vanessa, Ashley, and Cobin and the guy that played Ryan Lucus... HSM 4 is going to be a rip off like hairspray and grease 2...


Matt is so Talented and has a lot of pautenual
HSM3 is The frist Movie I have seen him in
I have seen his actting and hread his sinning in it
his sinning and Acting abilitty is Really Good
and he has anamzing sinning voice
matts voice is the same as Zacs voice
matts voice matchesup matts voice is prue and natual.
if actting is a big Dream of his he wants to parsue
he should keep on parsuing that Dream.
there is going be opertunittys that will be good for him
throu his actting Caree I have fath and Confaudence in him
his Actting abilitty really makes me proud


ta re partible baba :)


eres guapisimooooooooooooooo


tat will nit b da next zac efron .
zac efron is soo cute n tis watever his name is boy
is ugly !!