Vanessa Curry: The Alleged Kobe Bryant Mistress

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Kobe Bryant stood tall last night as his Los Angeles Lakers took a 3-1 lead in the West Finals with a grueling road win at San Antonio.

Similarly, the website that claimed the NBA star had an affair with a Laker Girl named Vanessa Curry is refusing to back down under pressure.

Earlier this week, Bryant's lawyer fired off a letter to, demanding that the post about Kobe and Vanessa Curry be taken down.

TheDirty claimed Kobe had an affair with Curry, 18, who has resigned her position with the Laker Girls - the Lakers' cheerleaders.

Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers (left) prepares to nail a jumpshot. Bryant's lawyer is denying that Kobe nailed cheerleader Vanessa Curry, however.

The site's lawyers are firing back, claiming the story is in fact true, but even if it wasn't, "because Mr. Bryant has previously publicly admitted to similar acts of infidelity... it seems unlikely that any jury would find 'actual malice.'"

Those be fightin' words!

Even better: The Dirty's lawyers say the fact that Kobe Bryant's lawyer went and sent a demand letter regarding the matter "only increases the likelihood that this story will receive more attention than it already has."

The Dirty's lawyer then makes reference to "The Streisand effect" - when Barbara made a stink over photos of her beach pad taken from a helicopter and it just made everyone aware of where she lived.

What do you think? Did Kobe Bryant have an affair with Vanessa Curry? If he didn't, should this site be forced to take down the story?


I believe that Kobe would cheat again and again, whether married or with a current girlfriend. He will always cheat if he thinks he will get away with it. If she finds out, he always has another one waiting for him. He's a dog and I have always thought so. Low morals. Just because he's a popular athlete does not mean he is a good man. Don't know anything about his wife, but she's probably got her issues, too. Infidelity is just poor in my book. Just divorce and do what you want without hurting someone else or lying to them.


poor Vanessa just dirvoce him


Kobe you can do so much better...Your black highschool sweetheart looks better than her.


Kobe, and everyone for that matter, should not marry anyone until they are really sure about what they want. Kobe should divorce and be single, date around, that way he isnt cheating and is free to meet new people. Then if someone worth the time comes along get in a commited relationship for a long period of time and then decide to get married


Kobe just can't seem to be happy with Vanessa (wife). Given, Vanessa (wife) is not a very nice person. Vanessa the cheerleader looks like a younger & hotter version of Vanessa bryant. Especially lately Vanessa Bryant has lost a lot of her looks.


there is 100 times more temptation for all celebrities (athletes, musicians, actors...) then any average man, if this is wouldn't be a shocker. I'm pretty sure one of the other laker girls started this rumor, being jealous and all...
honestly, i see hotter women then her on a daily bases in LA, she really isn't all that and definitely not prettier then his own wife!


Everybody knows that Kobe is a ho. He proved that in Colorado. His wife is playing it like any woman married to an athlete plays it, stay where the money is. Kobe married her right after she graduated high school ( afew months later). Vanessa Bryant doesn't know any better. I mean how many of you would leave a multi million dollar ball player who gives your mother a $150,000 monthly allowance and then provides so good for you that you never have to lift a finger? When a girl sees dollar signs she will turn the other cheek to infidelity. Look at Hilary Clinton.


so because some website publishes a story about a famous person, it has to be true? how narrow minded can you all be...we've seen it before, a going no where girl, goe sout and publictly spreads rumors to get attention...until theres true proof about this, no one has the right to talk down on kobe, he is a great athlete and does tons to help his community and children threw several charity to talk down on a person who helps others and does what he does better than anyone else is just wrong...what do you do with your lives besides this?


Kobe is still at it I see. I hope he understands the fans in Boston will hold up signs and have pics of her on hand signs haha..he is the worst in my opinion..I feel for his lil girls too. NO wonder he played so badly in San Antonio he was stressin about Ms Curry..


Vanessa Curry will need an HIV test on a regular basis as he used no condom with the girl in Colorado..What is wrong with Vanessa Brant? You do NOT stay with ahound like bout those girls in China he sleeps with when he goes there every summer?

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