Report: Alexis Phifer and Kanye West Break Up

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Some get married - Eli Manning and Abby McGrew, for instance - while others call off their engagement. It's the circle of celebrity life.

Indeed, according to reports, Kanye West and Alexis Phifer have broken up. The rapper supposedly dumped his girlfriend, who he's been dating since 2002, without giving a significant reason.

Kanye the Ass

Sources close to the hip-hop star claim Kanye even asked for his ring back.

It's all over for Alexis Phifer and Kanye West.

A source close to the couple said:

"Kanye is possessed by the tour and everything going on and just couldn't keep it going. They are still friends and have broken up and gotten back together before, so it could work out."

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i'm glad they broke up now every body happy because he was doing so much to pleaae her!!!!!!!!!!! that he couldent focus on his music even throw they made a kind of cute couple [yeah kanye you free at last p.s she look kind of old any way for you you need a real hot young version for you to date]


Kanye is doing his thing and the only woman that helped him can only be found in his heart ( his MOM).


I have been a fan of kanye's music since he was just a shadow and i cant say that kanye and alexis had something special because in my view, when we can logically think things through then sparks hardly fly cuz we can usually predict the result. My point is, there isnt a woman in this world can be with kanye and he can fell or see any spark. KAnye has to find himself more and it is a pity alexis was apart of him even though im sure she helped inspire some of the music he wrote.


She is so cute... more Alexis Phifer photos


awe... this saddens me everytime I see articles about him and her breaking up!! I love Kanye so much, but I still wanted him to marry Alexis she seemed so good for him!!


He dated the wrong alexis


that ugly thang took mah man


im soooo happy!! i love kanye so much and im glad he is single again 8-)


What in the hell is Alexis wearing in that pic? It looks as if she has not pants on. Is it me, or is my eyes playing tricks on me?

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